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Brave Conversations: Money and Financial Wellbeing Podcast

Finance is a sensitive topic and many of us avoid it because we either don't know enough about money and how to manage it or we are worried about making a mistake. The best place to start is to talk, have some brave conversations with someone in the know. On this finance podcast you'll get an insight in to how you can manage your money successfully. Listen and learn as Cynthia Wihardja interviews Unividual's Greg Harris and Cherie-Anne Baxter, who share all their insight and stories from running a successful financial planning firm.

Creating Good Financial Habits For Children

Episode 1, May 2021

Do your younger family members have good financial habits? According to Beth Kobliner, money expert and author of ‘Make Your Kid a Money Genius’, children as young as 3 can grasp basic concepts like saving and spending. We have an opportunity with the young people in our lives, whether that be children, siblings or nieces/nephews, to reframe their view of money. We look at how the impacts of our own money habits effect our children, how you can teach your children good money habits and the psychology behind how we manage our personal finances infront of our children.

Protecting your personal net worth when in a relationship

Episode 2, June 2021

During Pride month we discussed relationships and how people can protect their Personal Net Worth.  Sometimes we count on our spouse or civil partner for support, and hopefully that relationship lasts forever. But sadly, some don’t and ex-partners find themselves not getting their fair share. By the time that happens, it’s too late to set up a strong personal portfolio. Here we discuss our top tips on protecting your personal net worth, financial independence and literacy and how to ensure your finances work together to achieve your equal goals.

Business Exit Planning Podcast

Episode 3, August 2021

A finance podcast for all those business owners out there who might one day want to retire, yet face one of the biggest challenges: relying on a business sale to fund retirement. The psychology behind retirement is changing thought, not everyone wants to “stop working”. Understand the restrictions and opportunities a business sale poses, how to get capital out of a business tax efficiently, strategies for family run businesses, how to successfully plan an exit and the importance of continuity planning.

If you want to find out more about how to make business exit planning a success you can also read Unividual’s Ultimate Guide to Business Exit Planning.

Psychology of money and financial planning

Episode 4 September 2021

As humans our brains are faced with natural cognitive biases that affect the financial decisions we make. It is important to be aware of them because they impact on how we spend and save money. In this finance podcast we identify interesting biases that you might not even know about that surround you every day and impact on the decisions you make. Listen to some actionable tips about how you can improve the management of your money which reduces stress and anxiety and improves your overall wellbeing.

How to look after your loved ones, financially, after death

Episode 5, October 2021

Chartered Financial Planner, Greg Harris, talks us through how to ensure your loved ones are taken care of after your death. We look at why we don’t like talking about death, how wills and inheritance work, the ways wealth and assets are distributed after a death and how families can work together to plan inheritance in a stress free way.

Planning for retirement: what are you retiring to?

Episode 6, November 2021

One of the main reasons for putting off retirement is because we don’t know where to start with it all? You might not realise this but you could have saved enough money to fund the retirement you want and need. Until you find out you won’t know.  Worse still you could be spending more than you should be if your pension fund isn’t enough to for your planned retirement lifestyle. Cynthia from Radio Bath interviews Bath based financial adviser Greg Harris and Bristol based financial adviser Simon Jones on Brave Business Conversations to find out what questions we should be asking ourselves when planning for your retirement. Get some takeaway expert tips both for spenders and savers on how to create a comfortable lifestyle in the next chapter of your life.

Free Financial Planning Guides

A lot of people don’t realise that they are not alone in the fears about seeking financial advice. In 2019 only 8% of the UK received financial advice (Financial Conduct Authority). We know our industry can do more to improve the accessibility to financial advice so people truly understand how to manage their money. You could take a look at our free financial planning guides as these will give you a more in-depth look into some key topics. Or read some recent financial planning case studies to understand what our clients think the benefits of financial advice are.

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