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For years I worried about retirement planning

For many years I’d worried about my pension. I had several old employer pensions which didn’t seem to be growing and I found it confusing. I knew that I really must do something about it but kept putting it off as I was just too daunted by the whole thing.

I was also reluctant to use a financial planner after a brief experience in my thirties of one who just seemed to want to sell me products rather than look after my best interests.

Where did you start with it all?

I finally took the bull by the horns and booked an appointment with the Government’s Pension Wise service which gave me some basic information to build on. From there I contacted a number of approved financial planners authorised by the FCA (financial conduct authority).  I approached Simon Hicks at Unividual and he offered a free initial introductory chat to explain his background and about Unividual so I could start to get a picture of what I was looking for. He helped me to feel comfortable about having the next conversation, where we both went into much more detail about my finances and attitude to risk, allowing Simon to make a thorough review of my pension planning options.

What did you get financial advice on?

From the start I had confidence in Simon’s ability, he was able to explain often complex matters in a clear and calm way, including the charging structure model, so that I understood, which helped me to feel at ease. We mutually agreed my pension planning options, and Simon consolidated my old pensions into one that he can manage on my behalf. In just the first year this has grown enough to recoup the advice charges plus some growth.

I have since also talked to Simon about other family financial matters: my son needed financial advice on his credit rating, my daughter is looking for advice on a first mortgage, and my family needed advice on my parents’ inheritance tax concerns. In the coming months and years I plan to ask Simon for more advice with estate planning, and also will-making – which we’ve been putting off for far too long!

How did the process make you feel?

I do kick myself for not doing this years ago but I am relieved that I have found someone I can trust, and recommend, and that I can turn to Simon in the coming years for sound financial advice.

Emma, Bristol

24th March 2021

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