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Fix the roof while the sun shines: 3 finance tips to think about this summer

With the summer holidays upon us, now is a time to relax. During a period of rest our mind is able to wander a bit more. Some of us will reflect on what we have achieved this year, others on what they would like to focus on over the next 12 months. A period of downtime gives us a chance to plan and do some of those things you might have been putting off. We look at why we procrastinate when it comes to managing money and how you can get around it.

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Financial Wellbeing: 5 actionable tips to reduce money stresses

Do you get that nervous feeling when you open a bill or log on to your online banking? Money stress is a sure-fire sign you need to take better care of your financial wellbeing. This article tells you how.

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Business owner or self-employed? Everything you need to know for the new tax year 2021/22

For those who are self-employed or who run their own business, you are so busy “doing the doing”, there is little time to research the ever-shifting tax tables or myriad of changes announced in the budget. We pull together all the research you need to plan for the new tax year 2021/22.

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Happy New Tax Year: 5 key changes you need to know about for the new tax year

Here we combine key points from the Spring Budget and what tax rates and thresholds are changing for the new tax year so you can understand what key things could impact on your finances so you can plan for the new tax year.

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The new tax year tables for 2021/22

We bring you the all the tax rates and allowances for the new tax year that could impact on your personal finances.

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Property investment: How does flipping work and is it a good investment for you?

Are you considering property development as a way to make money? They might make it look easy on TV but buying and selling property for quick, short-term gains needs careful planning. This article looks at "property flipping". There is a lot to think about if you’re considering buying a house to flip and we help you figure out if it’s the best use of your investment sum.

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Why keeping money in your bank account could be costing you

Thanks to the dynamics of inflation and interest, the money you keep in your current account might be losing value over time. We look at ways to stop that from happening.

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Why protecting family income has become so prevalent

Covid-19 has changed the world as we knew it. We are entering a ‘new normal’ as many aspects of life adapt, so that we can all live with this invisible threat. How does that effect how we manage our own finances though? Unividual's Henry Vanderhoest explores a rising trend in people looking to protect family income and inheritance.

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Five reasons why now is a good time to save and organise your finances

While we are all locked up indoors now is actually a good time to organise and look at our finances

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Unividual’s academy still hiring during Coronavirus crisis

Unividual is launching its financial adviser and paraplanner training programme for 2020 and taking on new recruits for the fifth year in a row, despite the challenges of Covid-19.

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