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Free financial planning guides

In 2019 only 8% of the UK adult population received financial advice (Financial Conduct Authority). We think the industry can do more to make financial advice more accessible so people understand how to manage their money. Our free financial planning guides give you an in-depth look into many of the key topics.

The ultimate guide to financial planning

This free financial guide deals with both the art of offering financial advice, how the industry works and the Unividual ethos, but also the psychology of money and how it affects our wellbeing. Financial advice isn’t just about dealing with money, but about dealing with people. We’ll look at some of the cognitive biases that affect our decision making. Along with examining some of the ways we can overcome these.

A guide to financial planning

Business Exit Planning Guide: How to exit your business successfully and retire

For entrepreneurs or business owners, getting retirement planning wrong can spell disaster. Releasing capital from your business needs to be planned carefully. The problem is, no matter how well you plan, your business fortunes can change from one day to the next without warning, like Covid!. Don’t make selling your business your only retirement plan: Plan A. Exit planning is an art. Making your business as attractive as possible is no overnight task. Other personal assets, such as your home & investments, need to be factored in. In our Ultimate Guide to Business Exit Planning we show you how to make sure that personal and business retirement planning are working together to create a strong plan for retirement.

Business Exit Planning Guide

Retirement Planning Guide: Less stress and a lot more action

Retirement is the start of a new chapter, something you should be looking forward to. Yet it always becomes quite a worry as you near retirement age. From the first day of working life to the day you retire, we look at what steps you need to take to ensure your retirement is everything you dreamed of. This pension planning and includes making things tax efficient, especially when you pass your wealth on.

Retirement Planning Guide

Investment Planning Guide: Save, Invest, Reach Those Goals

Unsure if investing is for you? Keep hearing about Bitcoin and Ethical Investing? Finance can feel a minefield of information. Our guide to investment planning offers advice and tips from the experts for anyone looking to grow their wealth and start saving for the long-term. There is even a bit in there for more experienced “DIY” investors too.

Investment Planning Guide

2023/24 Tax Tables

Geek out on the new tax tables for 2023/24 where we cover all of the tax bands, thresholds and allowances for the year so you can start to plan how to make the most of your tax allowances.

2023/2024 Tax Tables

2022/23 tax year guide

In this free guide to financial planning, you will find all the tax allowances and thresholds for the 2022/23 tax year. Find out how you can set up your finances for the new tax year and the best way to utilise the tax capabilities available to yourself.

A guide to the new tax year 2023/24

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