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Free financial planning guides

In 2019 only 8% of the UK adult population received financial advice (Financial Conduct Authority). We think the industry can do more to make financial advice more accessible so people understand how to manage their money. Our financial planning guides give you a more in-depth look into some key topics.

Saving for retirement: Less stress more action

From the first day of working life to the day you retire, we look at what steps you need to take to ensure your retirement is everything you dreamed of.  Retirement is the start of a new chapter, something you should be looking forward to yet it always becomes quite a worry the closer you near retirement age. In this Ultimate Guide to Retirement Planning we try to show people ways we can overcome stubbornness to start saving, how to take out some of the stress or anxiety of saving as you get older, the different ways of taking money out of your pension and much more.

Retirement Planning Guide

A guide to planning for the 2021/22 tax year

Planning for the tax implications of a new financial year can ensure your savings, investments and pensions perform tax efficiently.  Read about the key dates, rules and rates, tax allowances and how the tax year effects savers, investors, tax payers, small businesses, self-employed and employed people.

Tax Planning Guide

A guide to the Spring Budget 2021

Another year, another UK budget. Our guide gives you a clear idea of what it means for your financial planning. Covering what a budget even is, the key points from the 2021 budget, how it might directly affect you as a person or as a business.

2021 Budget Guide

A guide to managing money in your 20s/30s

We get to our 20s and 30s and everything just seems to get more complex and serious. You start worrying about how to improve your finances. You get advice from friends, parents and over consume information.  In the end you just don’t know where to start or who to trust. Unividual brings you views from our professionals and some easy ideas just to get you started, from budgeting through to saving, debt, buying your first home and investing. Then if you want to take things to another level you know where we are.

Managing money in your 20s and 30s

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