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Our people

Every member of our team plays a crucial role in delivering Unividual’s service. A well-executed people strategy is one of the reasons why our business is so different from other financial planning firms.

Attract talent

Our innovative recruitment process focuses on attracting people that we know can do the job in the way we need it to be done. Cherie-Anne and Lewis look for people that have the empathy and skill to build meaningful relationships with clients, so that our business can continue to foster trust and loyalty. Just as importantly, employee performance is intrinsically linked to whether an individual’s goals tie in with the organisation’s. During the recruitment process, we spend considerable time helping people realise what really motivates them to ensure working for us enables them to achieve their goals.

Nurture skill

Training is the key to the success of our business. Every new employee has a Unividual induction that can take up to three days. Staff are also enrolled on to a personalised training plan. Those aspiring to become a financial planner become a student at Unicademy, our in-house Chartered financial planner school. This is a two to three year training programme with supervision skills training and formal learning towards the Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning with Chartered Insurance Institute. This is all funded by Unividual, through our own profits, and the design and structure are completely unique in the industry.

Foster leadership

We never forget what really motivates people: autonomy, mastery and purpose. We foster just that so that our staff work in an environment where they can become the best version of themselves. Unividual is a transparent business that thrives off mutual respect and learning. The entire team is involved in the big decisions and our leadership style encourages independence. Unividual’s staff have a career for life at our business, with enough learning and progression for them to achieve their life goals. This is all the motivation anyone needs to do the best job they can, every time.

What's the motivation?

Feedback from clients about our staff is regular and because of the effort each person puts in to their role, makes for a very fulfilled team. We also drive motivation internally with a unique benefits programme based on loyalty and achieving our business objectives. Our financial planners do not have targets and all our staff are measured on the quality of work they do. Together, we all work towards a collective strategy and trust our people to execute the role they play in achieving our objectives within the business plan.

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