Risk management. What is it?

A lot of us might not like to admit it but whilst you work hard to achieve your financial objectives, no one can control how your health impacts on your goals. We will help evaluate your risks and prepare for them so you can achieve all the things you want from life, even if the worst happens.

What should I consider?

In our industry risk management advice is often based upon product areas such as income protection or life and/or critical illness. However, at Unividual we advise people based on their objectives not simply the products we have available. These risks may include being able to pay your mortgage, replace your earnings if you can’t work or provide for your family if you no longer are able to do so. Whatever your concerns may be, we will help by providing the cover you need for the risks you face.

Is the cover worth the cost?

Often in the early stages of our adult lives we can feel like we are invincible and nothing will ever go wrong.  Only when we reach a major life event that effects people we know, or worse, ourselves, then the reality of health impacts really hit home.  If we do not buy in to these concepts as soon as possible, eventually, “I will do it tomorrow” will mean that “tomorrow” never comes.  We hope that when we put in place products to match your risks that you never need to benefit from the premiums you pay.  However, we put them in place so that if the worst does happen, then you and your family are fully prepared financially, a cost definitely worth covering.



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