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Leadership and Advisers in Unividual

We are a team not because we work together but because we share the same values and understand the role each of us plays in delivering Unividual’s service. Get to know some of the advisers and leaders within our business

Cherie-Anne Baxter, FCIM
Strategy & Marketing Director

Lewis Baxter, FPFS
Financial Planning Director & Chartered Financial Planner

John Baxter, DipPFS
Founding Director & Financial Planner

Tracy Knight, FCIPD
Head of HR & Diversity

Trevor Heffernan
Business Finance Manager

Cherise Tsang, DipPFS
Senior Financial Planning Executive

Ruth Saxby, DipPFS
Senior Financial Planning Executive

Queenie Maglaqui
Senior Financial Planning Executive

Scott Gurd, APFS
Financial Adviser

Simon Hicks, FPFS
Chartered Financial Planner

Simon Jones, FPFS
Chartered Financial Planner

Andy Lei, APFS
Chartered Financial Planner

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