Growing and managing wealth

Over time you are likely to accumulate money, whether through your own hard work or from the generosity of others. We can help you realise what you are trying to achieve with the capital you accumulate. Then we will show you how to make the most of your money using the wide array of products, tax wrappers and investment opportunities available based on your attitude to risk.

Where to start?

At Unividual we do not want to simply invest every single penny you have.  We firstly need to identify how much money you need for the here and now and how much money you can put away for the longer term.  This is the difference between savings and investments.  Your savings should be the amount of money that you are happy to leave in readily accessible cash. If you need money in an emergency you can draw upon your savings. Anything in addition to this is money that can be invested for the long term towards your objectives. To start our process we will discuss this in detail to make sure you have the right balance between the rainy day money you need and the longer term investments that you want to make.



Knowledge is power

We know investment market places are difficult to understand.  Often, risk is closely associated with knowledge.  The more you know, the more comfortable you will be with the decisions you make.  Once we have identified the money you have available to invest, we will take our time to ensure you understand all of the opportunities available.  It is only when you fully understand the options involved that we will then move on to advising you on what we believe the best course of action is.



Growing what you have, keeping what you get

There are two key strategies we use for investing capital.  Firstly, we look to utilise investment opportunities that maximise the potential returns you can obtain with your attitude to risk.  Secondly, and less commonly considered, we will spread your investments across a suitable range of tax wrappers. This will help to legally and legitimately reduce your tax liabilities but it will also help you keep as much of your returns as possible.  Combining the importance of investment performance with tax efficiency will drive your potential returns, within your attitude to risk, towards your investment goals.

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