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Investment planning & advice

Over time, you are likely to accumulate money, whether through your own hard work or from the generosity of others. With careful investment analysis and planning, we can help you realise what you are trying to achieve with the capital you accumulate. Then, we will provide investment advice on how to make the most of your money using the wide array of products, tax wrappers and investment opportunities available based on your attitude to risk.
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Wealth Management - where to start?

At Unividual, when it comes to wealth management, we do not want to simply invest every single penny you have. We first need to identify how much money you need for the here and now and how much money you can afford to put away for the longer term. This is the difference between savings and investment planning. Your savings should be the amount of money that you are happy to leave in readily accessible cash. If you need money in an emergency you can draw upon your savings. Anything in addition to this is money that can be invested for the long term towards your objectives. When you start using our wealth management service, we will discuss this in detail to make sure you have the right balance between the rainy day money you need, and the longer-term investments that you want to make.

Understanding your investments - knowledge is power

We know investment market places are difficult to understand. Often, risk is closely associated with knowledge. The more you know, the more comfortable you will be with the financial decisions you make. Once we have identified the money you have available to invest, we will conduct our investment analysis and take our time to ensure you understand all of the investment opportunities available. It is only when you fully understand the options involved that we will then move on to offering investment advice and explaining what we believe your best course of action is.

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Wealth management: growing what you have, keeping what you get

There are two key strategies we use within investment planning for investing capital. First, we look to utilise investment opportunities that maximise the potential returns you can obtain with your attitude to risk. Second, and less commonly considered, we will spread your investments across a suitable range of tax wrappers. This will help to legally and legitimately reduce your tax liabilities but it will also help you keep as much of your returns as possible. Unividual’s wealth management service allows you to combine the importance of investment performance with tax efficiency, which will drive your potential returns, within your attitude to risk, towards your investment goals.

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Estate Planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Sticking to the financial plan in turbulent times

In the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by negativity and to adopt a short-term view of our finances. Such times can breed anxiety, making us question if it’s sensible to keep up with our savings or maintain the insurance policies safeguarding our assets. In one of the episodes of Brave Finance Conversations, we tackle tough questions like whether it’s the right time to invest. We explore the psychology of managing finances during uncertain periods and address the reasons behind feeling like you’re just surviving. Plus, we offer plenty of advice on cutting down everyday expenses, helping you stay aligned with your long-term financial goals even in challenging times.

Can't I just be a DIY investor?

There are a lot of people who start off by managing their own investments and savings. This can be a good place to start for some people. Whether you are starting out on your savings journey or managing investments by yourself it can be quite the adventure, much like setting off on a challenging walk. Having a financial adviser is akin to having an experienced guide for that journey. Here’s why it’s beneficial:

  1. Expertise: Financial advisers bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. They’re equipped to navigate the complex world of finance, much like a seasoned hiker knows the trails. They can explain the various investment options, the risks associated with each, and help tailor a strategy that suits your risk tolerance and goals.
  2. Saves Time: Researching investments, staying updated on financial news, and managing a portfolio can be time-consuming. With a financial adviser, you can have more time to focus on what you enjoy, whether that’s playing piano, running, or spending quality time with loved ones or pets.
  3. Customised Planning: Just as every walker has their unique pace and route preference, every individual has unique financial goals and situations. Financial advisers can provide personalised advice that considers your entire financial picture, including savings, debts, investments, and future plans.
  4. Risk Management: Managing risk is crucial when it comes to investing. Financial advisers can help diversify your investments to manage risk effectively, ensuring that a bad turn in one investment doesn’t jeopardise your entire portfolio.
  5. Accountability: Just as having a walking buddy keeps you committed to your trek, a financial adviser can keep you on track with your financial goals. They’re there to remind you of your objectives and help you stick to your plan, even when the market gets rocky.
  6. Emotional Detachment: It’s easy to get emotionally attached to certain investments or to panic during market volatility. A financial adviser can provide a level-headed perspective, helping you make informed decisions rather than emotional ones.
  7. Ongoing Support and Education: Financial advisers don’t just set up a plan and disappear. They offer ongoing support and can also educate you about financial concepts, empowering you to make more informed decisions over time.

In essence, a financial adviser can serve as your compass, map, and guide, helping you navigate through the complexities of saving and investing, ensuring you’re well-equipped to reach your financial goals efficiently and effectively.

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