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Financial planning and advice

Unividual does things differently. The financial planning advice you receive is unique to you, across every area of your personal and business finances, and we focus on sharing our knowledge so you have the power to make the best decisions. Contact our expert financial planners

What is financial planning?

We don’t need gimmicks, technical terms or flashy words. Financial planning can be explained in a way that everyone can understand. To operate at our level, finance is incredibly complex – but we take pride in breaking things down into bite-sized chunks. Find out what you should expect from your specialist financial planner when you work with Unividual.

What is financial planning?

Who is financial planning advice for?

When you have financial decisions to make that impact on your future, you need to seek financial advice from expert financial planners. Some people worry they are too young or assume they don’t have enough money. Some people just don’t think there is a firm out there that caters for them. This is why we don’t judge or stereotype people, instead we welcome differences and variety. Unividual also recognise that, whilst we work with a lot of wealthy individuals, we all have to start somewhere. Age and wealth are relative so don’t worry about any of that and just start by having an open conversation with our planners to find out if we could help you.

Is financial planning for me?

Personal Financial Advice

We have spent 20 years perfecting a financial planning model that serves every area of your personal finances for the rest of your life. Whether you are a first time buyer or looking to retire, it is never too early or late to start. We give clients the knowledge and confidence that empowers them to take charge of their own finances. Find out some of the areas our financial planners can offer advice in, so you too can benefit from a financial plan designed to help you achieve your goals.

Personal Finances

Business Financial Advice

People start a business to be in charge of their own success. This comes with risk and you need to adapt your financial plans to moderate risk. Unividual specialises in connecting business and personal finances and our collaborative approach is why we become part of a business owner’s growth team. Our financial planners team work with businesses of all sizes offering corporate financial advice on structure, tax and retirement planning through to staff benefits packages and business exit strategy.

Business Finance

The real benefits of financial planning

Evidence shows that increasing and maintaining your wealth is one of the most tangible benefits of financial planning. Did you know, however, that there are actually seven other key benefits to working with one of Unividual’s Chartered financial planners?

The 7 key benefits

Our financial advice pricing structure

We’re very proud of Unividual’s reputation as a transparent business. We have an honest dialogue with clients about how we earn money and the value a client should receive when working with us. We focus on providing the best value to clients who have an enduring relationship with us.

Unividual’s fees

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