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John Baxter

John is Unividual's Founding Director and a Diploma qualified Financial Planner. John founded Unividual in 2000 and lives in Bath, but has clients across the whole of the UK.
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My Credentials

Qualifications: Diploma in Financial Planning

Awards: Pension Transfer Gold Standard, Caerus Top 5 Financial Adviser for 5 years in a row

Location of Clients: UK wide

Office Address: Sterling House, Bath, BA1 3AN

Contact Details: 01225 427 474 | 07788 425 380

Links:  LinkedIn | Testimonials

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A little bit about me

“I am a multi-award winning, qualified, financial planner with 30 years’ experience in owning, managing and directing businesses in the food industry and financial services. This has involved responsibilities for up to 300 employees in organisations from partnership to PlC. status and I have utilised this business and management expertise in the financial services industry since 1998. During this period I have become a specialist in providing long-term family and business holistic financial planning. I work with a huge variety of individuals from business owners through to families over a massive circumference of financial areas. Many of my clients have worked with myself and Unividual for over 15 years, some of whom have substantial assets. My focus has always been to provide a high quality service by using my personal and business experience along with the technical knowledge obtained from being a Member of the Chartered Insurance Institute. The business centres around maintaining the highest regulatory and professional standards and I take pride in ensuring I continually  develop my technical competence and professional expertise. I achieve all this with the help of my team who is headed up by Ruth Stainer. They carry out the administrative planning work for my clients and enable me to focus on what I do best, which is spending time with and advising my clients.”

John Baxter’s journey into the financial advisory sector is rooted deeply in his family’s entrepreneurial legacy, tracing back to his foundational experiences at CH Baxter’s & Son, a distinguished fresh produce enterprise pioneered by his father and grandfather. This background paved the way for John’s venture into the financial world. After the family business was sold, he embarked on a new chapter with Allied Dunbar in 1998, quickly establishing himself as a celebrated financial adviser. His innovative approach to financial planning, which is developing a model that offers bespoke advice, integrating all aspects of a client’s financial life, actually set a new standard in the industry.

In 2000, inspired by the unique and individual paths of each client, John introduced Unividual to the world. The company’s name itself is a testament to our ethos, emphasising the uniqueness of every individual’s financial journey. Under the guidance of John, alongside the unwavering support of his wife Angela and a dedicated team, Unividual flourished, carving out a niche for intelligent, tailored financial advice.

Despite its success, Unividual encountered a growth bottleneck, John was the sole financial planner, limiting the company’s ability to provide ongoing, life-long financial guidance to its clients. This changed with the entry of Lewis Baxter, John’s son. Armed with a law degree and fresh perspectives, Lewis joined Unividual, heralding the onset of a new era of financial planning within the company. His achievements were remarkable, becoming one of the nation’s youngest Chartered financial planners in 2011 and earning the title of the youngest Fellow of the Personal Finance Society the same year. Following Lewis’s lead, Scott Gurd joined the ranks of Unividual’s Chartered financial planners in 2013, further solidifying the firm’s commitment to excellence and comprehensive client service. Now Unividual has offices in London, Bath and Edinburgh and works with over a 1000 clients up and down the country.

Quality is what drives me, not just for my clients, but for their next generation too

“Throughout my career, I’ve always held the belief that providing high-quality service isn’t just about making sound financial decisions today, but about nurturing a relationship that spans generations. It’s about ensuring that the trust placed in us by our clients extends to their children and beyond. At Unividual, we’re not just planning for the immediate future, we’re crafting legacies. My commitment is to deliver unparalleled advice and support to every client, ensuring their family’s financial wellbeing is secured for life. Whether you’re working with me or any of our dedicated advisers, you’re not just a client, you’re part of the Unividual family. Together, we’ll pave the way for a secure, prosperous future for you and the generations that follow.”

Hear from one of John's clients

“Unividual has provided my family with expert financial advice for over 15 years. It now also supports my business by ensuring our staff have appropriate financial advice and by advising the board on appropriate protection and insurance. The company’s other board of directors have also been advised by Unividual for approximately 18 years each.”

“The quality of advice has been second to none, covering a broad range of topics, from protection and investments to pensions and mortgages. It is worth specifically mentioning the recent advice I have received regarding the transfer of my defined benefit pension. Unividual have helped us to navigate this complicated process by providing excellent insight. This has put my family and company in a more advantageous position for our long-term financial security.”

Andy, Swindon

Start building your legacy today

Ready to secure your family’s financial future with advice that spans generations? Connect with us and discover how our tailored, lifelong financial planning services can make a difference for you and your loved ones. Let’s embark on a journey towards lasting prosperity, together. If you are still not quite sure, that is ok too! The biggest reason people do not use a financial adviser is trust, we get that so check out our free financial planning guides or perhaps read some more case studies. We also offer a free first meeting too, so if you are still not sure you can sound us out in a face-to-face meeting at our offices or in the comfort of your own home, workplace or local coffee shop.

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