Bespoke to you and your life

We have spent 20 years perfecting a financial planning model that is capable of being entirely bespoke to you across every area of your finances for the rest of your life. There are six stages each client benefits from throughout their entire lifetime of advice.

1. First meeting

One of Unividual’s Chartered Financial Planners will always commit to meeting with you first for an initial consultation meeting. This gives you and your financial planner a chance to:

  • Find out who you are
  • Understand what you are looking to achieve
  • Explain how financial planning works
  • Explore the costs involved and the value you can expect to receive
  • Answer questions about particular areas you want to cover

You don’t need to prepare anything for this meeting. It can take place anywhere you feel comfortable and it won’t cost you anything but an hour or so of your time. After the meeting there is no pressure to commit, if you feel Unividual is a good fit and the financial planner feels they can provide you with the support you need then the financial planning process starts.

2. Discover

We then need to get to know you, through what the industry terms as a ‘fact find’. Don’t worry, this is not a monumental questioning process. Unividual’s financial planners are all trained to have good levels of emotional intelligence, making them approachable. They will create an atmosphere where you feel relaxed enough to have a good conversation about how things are set up, what you aspire to achieve in life and how you currently manage the areas that put those goals at risk. Quite often, clients really enjoy this part of the process because it will actually help you realise what is really important to you and what your financial goals and objectives are.

3. Research and analysis

The adviser will then take that information back to the office to make sense of your objectives and put them into a structured format. They will start to formulate and sketch out a few ideas. Whilst this goes on, Unividual’s highly qualified team of technical specialists will gather the data needed to assess what your financial future looks like in comparison to those goals. This inevitably will leave a gap between where you are now and where you would like to be. Your financial planner will then look to close that gap through the design and implementation of your bespoke financial plan.

4. Design

Once we have collated that wealth of information, your financial planner will present you with a range of recommendations. This process is very much an educational one. We want our clients to be involved and to empower them to make the right decisions. We will always explain anything you don’t understand and have the patience to answer all your questions. If you don’t understand things the first time round that is OK. Our financial planners are experts in understanding people and will always find a way to help you see how it works. Sometimes this presentation process might take more than one meeting, each client is unique, so your financial strategy will vary depending on the life stage you are at and what you want to achieve.

5. Implement

Following this, your financial planner will have a real understanding of the route you wish to take and what strategies you are going to utilise. Unividual have a team of highly qualified, technical people to help the adviser implement your financial plan. This means that your financial planner can spend more of their time on providing you with a personable and efficient service every step of the way.

6. Advice for life

The process doesn’t stop there. It keeps looping round every year, depending on the frequency of reviews you will need. Over the long-term we will continue to evolve this process by updating your ‘fact find’ and providing any recommendations on alterations to your structure to ensure it continues to suit your needs. This cyclical process ensures that our advice continues to match your objectives in the long term. Further to this, it means that we can instil a proactive approach to your financial plan. As and when new areas of advice are required we will always be there for you, every step of the way.

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