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Buying your first home, moving, remortgaging or looking to purchase an investment property? Mortgages are time-consuming, complex and stressful but an important area of financial advice. Our mortgage advisers will guide you through every step of what will be one of your most significant purchases in life. Enquire about a mortgage

Keeping things simple

Mortgages are often perceived as simple products that are easy to do yourself. Many people often choose the cheapest interest rate but the cheapest is not always the best option. There are other factors that should be considered such as your unique circumstances and overall financial objectives. On top of that, there are hundreds of lenders, each with their own options available. Instead of having to walk into local high street banks, Unividual’s financial advisers will be able to research the open market for you and bring together what you need.

Expert mortgage brokers

Unividual’s mortgage advisers have access to the whole of the market for mortgages. Once you contact us, we with a free first meeting. Ideally, this is done face to face at a location and time convenient to you. There are times when clients need to move quickly and we can also conduct this meeting at short-notice over video call. Whether you are buying a house or remortgaging, having a sizeable loan comes with risk. Unividual’s mortgage advisers are Chartered Financial Planners so they can ensure your mortgage is affordable and get you the best deal. Some clients start off just utilising our financial planning service for a mortgage. They are safe in the knowledge that if they need to start using other areas of financial advice they have one of the most highly qualified financial advisers in the UK managing it all under one roof.
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How we charge for mortgage advice

Mortgage brokers earn commission from lenders after arranging a mortgage. This covers some of the costs of setting up and managing your mortgage. Most also charge a fee of some sort, which can vary and have different parameters. Unividual clearly outlines these costs upfront in the first meeting when we find out what kind of support you need and how we can help.

Free mortgage advice

Chartered Financial Planner, Greg Harris, is offering free mortgage advice to help people out during Coronavirus.  A graphic designer from Bristol, Daniel Everitt, 27, has already utilised the offer and said: “I saw Greg’s mortgage promotion and was pleasantly surprised to see a Financial Adviser willing to help out during these times.  Having never worked with a financial adviser before Greg spent the time to explain what his role is and how he can help, which enabled me to really see the benefits of his service.  We initially had a first meeting which was booked in quickly after I got in touch.  This provided me with lots of information and Greg was not pushy in anyway.”

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Benefit from scale

Due to our association with Quilter we are able to collectively pool our resources with other advisory firms. We have chosen to be part of this environment to provide the best service to our clients. The scale Quilter offer allows us to access the open market whilst obtaining rates, deals and service levels that are not available to the general public.

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