Do Unividual advise on tax?

This is probably one of our clients’ most commonly asked questions. We are not accountants and are unable to advise you on your personal or business tax returns. However, we do provide a wide range of taxation advice to ensure we make the most of your money.

Difference between accounting and advise

We often use an analogy of a car to explain the services that we offer. An accountant is your rear-view mirror, reviewing what is behind you and how best to deal with it. A financial planner is the windscreen, we look up the road to the future and plan how to get you to where you want to go. In practical terms your accountant will administer your tax affairs, such as helping you complete tax returns. Your financial planner helps mitigate your tax position moving forward through suitable tax efficient strategies. In real life, the best service you can get is when your accountant and financial planner work closely to ensure the road behind and the journey ahead are as smooth as possible, something we pride ourselves on.

What areas of tax can you mitigate?

There are many areas of taxation we can help mitigate, some you might be aware of and others you might not. In broad strokes there are numerous taxes, reliefs and allowances to consider across income, capital gains and inheritance tax as well as the internal taxes on your investments that you may not even know you are paying. It is our priority to ensure we mitigate as many of these as possible to ensure you make the most of your money for yourself and your family.

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