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Fed up of reading about financial advice? Why not grab a cup of tea or coffee and settle down for a few minutes to find out what we are really about.

Unividual's Story

Established in 2000, hear about Unividual’s back-story, all about our pioneering financial planning model and how we are preparing for the future of financial advice.




What do we do?

“I am too young to need a financial adviser!”

“Financial advice is for rich people right?”

WRONG! Find out what we do and the style we take when advising clients.

Our purpose, the reason why we get out of bed every morning

Find out how our values and purpose have created the culture we have today and the impact that has on our clients and the financial advice we provide.

How we provide a professional, personable service as we grow

In the last 5 years Unividual has grown, to ensure we can continue to provide families and businesses with financial advice for decades to come. As a family run business, how have we balanced our demanding levels of service with that growth?

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