Financial planning explained simply

We don't do gimmicks, technical terms or flashy words. We believe financial planning can be explained in a way everyone can understand. It is a process that recommends how a client can move from their current financial position to a preferred financial position in the future. A qualified financial planner identifies your goals and explores opportunities to create a plan aimed at achieving financial success.

Do I need a financial planner or adviser?

Some firms in financial services call themselves a financial adviser or a money planner. Some people use newer titles such as ‘financial coach’, or even ‘life planner’. At Unividual, we call ourselves financial planners. In fact, the Chartered Insurance Institute has awarded Unividual the prestigious status of ‘Chartered Financial Planners’. On the face of it, all these titles and identities seem to do similar things. A financial adviser is a financial planner. However, as you look deeper, you will realise that most businesses offer varying services, or have different product areas they can or can’t advise on. These subtle differences are confusing to us all and ultimately it’s tempting to simply abandon your research, as it makes you feel overwhelmed and unsure.

How is Unividual different?

At Unividual we make it very simple for clients. We provide all types of financial planning at varying levels, across all areas of someone’s finances for their entire life. We believe that each client is a unique individual or business, so our version of financial planning is completely bespoke to a client’s goals, circumstances and aspirations.

How does this benefit me?

There is a wealth of research that demonstrates people make considerably more from their money with a financial plan in place. However, Unividual’s financial planning model is unique in the industry because we take the time to provide each client with an in-depth understanding of a complicated market. This knowledge is key when we help you realise where you are now and work together to identify your objectives of where you want to be in years to come. Then our teams in London and Bath work hard to implement all of the administrative work related to your financial plan, so you don’t have to. When you partner with Unividual, it will feel like a collaboration and together we ensure you have the best possibility of reaching your goals.

Empowering you to make sound choices

Our style is not to tell you what to do. Instead, we give you the knowledge and support to get your financial house in order and empower you to make the right decisions at the right time. This proactive approach ensures our clients get the greatest return from their life.

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