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The earlier you can learn about the mechanics of money the more confident and successful you’ll be with your finances later in life. Building financial literacy is about understanding the value of money and making use of financial skills like budgeting, investing and managing debt. Anyone can use Unividual's resources for free and learn about the areas of financial planning you want to learn about.

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Anyone has access to our free to read financial planning guides. From understanding how to plan your finances in your 20s and 30s through to planning for retirement. Our practical guides and step-by-step guidance will help demystify financial planning  so you have a bit more confidence to manage your finances.

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Finance is hard to talk about and we often choose to avoid conversations about inheritance or money because we either don’t know enough or we worry about making mistakes. Tune in to our finance podcast and listen to ideas on how to manage your money successfully. Radio Bath’s Cynthia Wihardja interviews Unividual and various guests, who share their insights on areas like financial wellbeing, saving for children, how to exit a business, retirement and financial independence in relationships.

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Most of us admit that the extent of our finance education in school fell short, if it existed at all. One of the barriers people have to using an adviser is a lack of knowledge which impacts on confidence. Even thought we encourage it, people don’t like asking “silly” questions. Unividual give away as much free information as we can in our quick to read articles on managing business and personal finances. Take in bitesize chunks of learning in areas that are prevalent to you. Then, if and when you are ready, you can get in touch with us for more help.

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Organise: 2024/25 Tax Planning Planning Hub

Tax planning is a pretty boring and stressful thing to sit down and plan. Businesses tend to overcomplicate things when trying to help others learn. We absolutely live and breathe finance so we have put everything you need to know about the New Tax Year in to a bitesize, easy to understand hub of resources. Simplify your taxes and dive in to our easy-to-understand Guide for the New Tax Year.

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Grab a cuppa and settle down for a few minutes to find out what we are really about in some of our short videos covering what Unividual does and how we provide a professional, personable service, even as our business grows.

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