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Ambassador for Insuring Women's Futures

Unividual are proud ambassadors for the Insuring Women's Futures campaign, working towards minimising the pensions deficit gap for women and ensuring women have financial independence.

What is Insuring Women's Futures?

The Insuring Women’s Futures campaign was inspired by the #HeForShe global movement created by some exceptional UN Women to drive awareness and engagement in gender equality. The Chartered Insurance Institute has rallied together the financial services industry to work together to improve women’s lifelong financial resilience and help promote awareness of the root causes of the pension deficit for women. As an ambassador Unividual has committed to improving financial resilience for women which will improve financial security for all. This includes improving women’s pension outcomes, supporting females’ with financial mindfulness, improving female financial inclusion, setting the standard in flexible working for carers and parents and raising awareness and engagement in women understanding risks.

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The women's pension defecit

Women’s pension deficit represents the precarious position confronting British women in later life. Many women are facing pension poverty. Their lack of sufficient retirement savings means they are dependent on support from others, after a life of caring, they risk being unable to pay for their own old age care. While pensions are no longer the only form of retirement savings, for the majority, and especially those in employment, they are expected to continue to form a main source of later life provision. We all have important women in our lives and if you want to understand more about the Pensions life journey for women watch this video.

A women's pension life journey

Building financial resilliance

The insurance and personal finance profession is working together to improve women’s lifelong financial resilience and some of the root causes of women’s pension deficit. Insuring Women’s Futures has identified ten overarching recommendations where interventions can be made to improve financial resilience for women and wider society in the UK. This takes into account how life in the UK is changing and the implications for all of our financial resilience, now and in the future. Our proposals combine policy and practice and are centred on where the most impact can be made, targeting a series of Moments that Matter across women’s financial life journeys.

The 10 recommendations

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