Is financial planning for me?

If you are reading this page it is possible that you have an important financial decision to make that will affect your future.  Sometimes people make assumptions that they are too young or old to utilise financial advice. Some feel they don't have enough money either. We have spent the last 20 years developing a financial advice model that is accessible to a huge range of people.

Not just for the rich and famous

There is a belief in society that you need to have a large sum of money to benefit from using a financial planner. This thinking can stem from financial advisory firms who suggest prospective clients should have a certain amount of investable assets before they contact them.  This is not ‘the Unividual Way’. Our reputation, brand and service mean that we are often recommended to a number of wealthy individuals or established businesses. Unividual’s Chartered financial planners are the highest qualified experts in the industry, so if you are managing complex wealth matters and require the most up-to-date technical expertise then look no further. However, our firm also relishes working with those starting out in their business or personal lives too. Together we share the journey, adapting as we go. As your wealth grows, and the complexity of your finances changes, we adjust the level of educational coaching required along with your service.

Financial planning doesn't cater for me

A Mintel report found that over a third of consumers do not feel the advice industry caters for ‘people like them’ and 44% say they are confused as to how financial services firms can help them manage their financial affairs (Mintel 2015: Consumers and financial advice UK, May 2015). This is why Unividual has flourished in the last twenty years because we are one of the few financial planning businesses that do not follow the traditional ‘one size fits all’ methods of financial advice. Our business was born out of a need to provide financial planning to everyone who needs it, no matter their circumstances.


No labels, no stereotypes

Unividual’s entire concept centres around the belief that everyone is a unique individual. We do not put people in boxes or stereotype anyone and because of this we are privileged to work with so many different people.  Some are in their 20s others in their 80s. We have a good mix of male and female clients and lots of different cultures and backgrounds. No two families are the same either, from single dads to happily married couples or same-sex partners with adopted children. We are all forced into societal segments to some extent, but when it comes to your finances your financial plan with Unividual will bespoke to you, your situation, circumstances, objectives, appetite for risk, personality and lifestyle.


We want to work with you

From farmers to scientists, families to businesses, creative types or sporty pros. We work with doctors, bakers, writers, beauticians, land owners, stay at home dads, retired actors and even those in financial services. Unividual have a range of different people who approach us for advice. Some might just want a mortgage to start with and others are ready for us to give their finances a complete overhaul. Whether you are saving for a house, want to start retirement planning, are keen to protect your family or business, or want to invest, we create innovative financial plans, in each area of your finances, bespoke to you. Whichever of life’s crossroads you are approaching, if you would like to work with us towards achieving your long-term financial goals then we would like to work with you.



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