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The Unividual Way is trusted financial advice

When we created Unividual 20 years ago our mission was the same as it is today. Trusted, honest financial advice. This is our company's purpose, it underpins the culture of our business and represents everything we stand for.

Our Way:

Unividual embraces people as unique individuals and delivers financial planning that is bespoke to each client. To achieve this, everyone who works for us must strive for excellence in all that we do. If we don’t accomplish perfection we listen to why, so that we can continuously improve our business for the benefit of everyone around us.

What to expect from our service

The Four Pillars of Unividual

At the centre of our mission sits integrity, which is surrounded by The Four Pillars of Unividual. These are our values of commitment, honesty and openness, intelligence and passion.

“At Unividual, each and every one of us strives for perfection in what we do. This requires huge levels of commitment to exceed client expectations whilst working in the spirit of law, compliance and regulation. What you see is what you get. From recruitment through to fees, we have an honest and open approach to everything we do. This has created a refreshing culture for employees, clients and anyone else we have a partnership with. We are an extremely intelligent organisation made up of some of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the industry. We are renowned for running an efficient business capable of adapting to change and as a team we are always seeking out best practices so that clients, employees and other partners can trust Unividual’s expertise.  Combine all of this with the extraordinary levels of passion our people have for our business and you will see how the Unividual family has a big heart and focuses on putting the needs of clients first.”

– Simon Jones, Chartered Financial Planner at Unividual

The Unividual Compass is there to guide us

Our values and purpose underpin everything our culture stands for.  Our training centres produce chartered financial planners that focus on these principles and we have created our very own ‘Unividual Compass’, a  code of conduct that directs us all, especially in times when everything around you might be pulling you in different directions. Integrity is critical to everything Unividual does because in our own eyes, and in the eyes of those around us, it is the foundation of trustworthiness.

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