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Financial planning for businesses

People start a business to be in charge of their own success but this comes with risk and you need to adapt your financial plans to moderate that risk. Unividual specialises in financial planning for businesses, connecting business and personal finances. Our collaborative approach is why we become part of the team. Contact our expert business financial advisers

Withdrawing capital tax efficiently

If you own your business you have to pay tax on any profit the business makes and on any income you take out so it is essential to take advice on the most tax efficient ways to withdraw capital. Business financial planning will help to indicate complicated tax rules and trying to do everything yourself can be a false economy. Unividual’s financial planners are well versed in working alongside accountants and solicitors so that business owners can generate the greatest return from their hard work.

How to maximise your post-tax earnings

Business exit strategies

At some point business owners need to start profiting from their business. As you plan for retirement or look to start a new challenge, an exit strategy could enable you to sell ownership of your company as a way to reduce or liquidate your stake and potentially make a profit. If you want to retire at some point, you will need to think about what will happen to the business when you leave and how you will profit from all your hard work. You can never start planning too early and our business financial advisers can help you through this complex and emotional process.

What does an exit strategy look like?

Finance Podcast: Business Exit Planning

Listen to our finance podcast on business exit planning strategies and how exiting a business links in to your retirement. Chartered Financial Planner Greg Harris and Marketing Director Cherie-Anne Baxter discuss on Radio Bath the importance of contingency planning, protecting your business, how your business can provide towards your retirement, management buyouts and shareholder structure for family businesses.

Never too young to plan for retirement

Retirement is a big change. Even more so for business owners as you are not just leaving a job or career but something you have worked hard to create. This can be emotionally challenging but it shouldn’t have to be tough financially. Changes to pension and tax legislation may give you more control over pension arrangements than you realise. Our business financial planning service will help you explore your options for retirement.

Take control of your retirement

Continuity and legacy planning

Continuity is a key element for a business to survive but you may not have had time to consider what will happen to your company if you are no longer there to run it. Legacy planning ensures that clients and employees are taken care of when you are ready to take a step back and you need an experienced business financial adviser who knows the important questions to ask.

How does legacy planning work?

Employee health and wellbeing

Four out of five employees say they feel more positive about their employer if they offer health and wellbeing benefits. In order to attract and retain staff, you will need to offer more than just a competitive salary. At Unividual we have the resources and experience to help you devise unique benefits packages. We start with what benefits you have in place, then help you to assess whether they are valued by staff and whether they achieve your corporate objectives. Your business financial adviser can then help improve your existing offering or devise a new bespoke plan that appeals to staff and contributes to your business objectives.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax planning, legacy planning and employee benefits.


All your financial advice under one roof

When you are a business owner you are very focused on ensuring you do whatever is best for your staff and customers. Often you aren’t left with the time or emotional headspace to take care of your own finances and future. A financial planner that can advise on both personal and business finances will ensure your business, family and personal finances are all connected and that no stone is left unturned.

The Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate exit strategy planning

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