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Unividual’s name reflects our core belief that everyone is unique and individual. Your entire life is made up of a unique nexus of relationships, values, needs and aspirations, which is surrounded by the environment and context you live in. We don’t stereotype people. Instead, our version of financial planning is bespoke to you across every area of your personal and business finances.

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The key ingredients to our business are our clients, our philosophy and our people. There are around 20 of us working in our London and Bath offices. Each member of the Unividual team is an essential part of the business and our people are devoted to doing their best for our clients day in, day out. Our ability to connect with clients is one of the reasons most of our business is from existing clients, who come back to us every year.

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Unividual has offered Chartered financial planning services for over five years. Through our very own in-house financial planner academy, Unicademy, we now have six Chartered financial advisers. Five of them are also Fellow of the Personal Finance Society. This makes Unividual one of the most respected financial planning firms in the UK. In 2019 Unividual were also awarded the Pension Transfer Gold Standard by the Personal Finance Society. Most recently the business proudly became a signatory on the HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter too.

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The financial services industry, traditionally, has been very rigid where firms work with thousands of clients all grouped together, with standardised levels of service and ‘off the shelf’ financial planning. This is not ‘the Unividual Way’, we don’t live in a world that communicates and serves the traditional image of what a client looks like. We have built our business to be able to serve a huge variety of people across every area of their finances. Whatever your circumstances, yes we can help you. We have clients that are women and men, from different backgrounds or cultures, many of whom are from the LGBTQ community, some families have “2.4 children” and others are far from it. Whether you are saving for a house, want to start retirement planning, are keen to protect your family or protect your business, or want to invest, you do you! Unividual will help you achieve your objectives by giving you the innovative, bespoke financial advice you need for the rest of your life.

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