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Established in 2000, Unividual’s name reflects our core belief that everyone is unique and individual. Your entire life is made up of unique relationships, values, needs and aspirations, which is surrounded by the environment and context you live in. We don’t stereotype people. Instead, our version of financial planning is bespoke to you across every area of your personal and business finances. You don’t have to be “rich” or “elderly” to benefit from financial advice, put any worries or objections aside. Whether you are looking for a one off piece of advice or want a complete overhaul of your finances, if you are looking for a qualified professional to increase your financial literacy, improve your financial stability and organise the management of your money you have come to the right place.

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Throughout your life you will come across key milestones that impact on your finances. Our job is to help clients overcome financial challenges so they can achieve what they want out of life. However, the biggest threat we face in achieving this is people, through no fault of their own, don’t understand the role financial advice can play in their life. In 2019 the Financial Conduct Authority reported that only 8% of UK adults received financial advice. So we now give more knowledge away upfront for free so people can start to understand how to manage their money. Everyone has access to Unividual’s free financial planning guides, news articles and videos. It isn’t just Unividual on this mission though. Our clients are also passionate about the role we play in society and on wellbeing. They have shared their financial planning journey case studies so you can understand how affordable financial advice is and the role a financial adviser plays in reducing stress, so together we can improve your financial situation and safeguard you against your biggest financial fears.

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Traditionally, the financial services industry has been rigid. Most firms work with thousands of clients all grouped together, with standardised levels of service and “off the shelf” financial planning. This is not the Unividual way, we don’t live in a world that communicates and serves the traditional image of what a client looks like. We have built our business so it can serve a huge variety of people across every area of their finances. In 2020 50% of our clients were women and 50% men, we have clients from different backgrounds and cultures, many of whom are from the LGBTQ community, some families have “2.4 children” and others are far from it. Some of our clients are just starting out and saving for a house, others want to sort out retirement or grow their wealth by investing, and some just want us to do a complete overhaul of everything. Whether you are looking for a one off piece of advice to start with or lifetime financial planning we will be there for you, so that over the years you can make sound financial decisions alongside someone who cares AND has the knowledge, experience and ideas to constantly be shaping your financial plan.

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