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Building financial wellbeing for every unique individual

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Changing the face of financial advice

Established in 2000, Unividual is a Chartered Financial Planning business like no other. With offices in Bath, Bristol and London Unividual is family-run, women and LGBTQIA led and now one of the largest privately owned financial planning businesses in the UK.  Unividual’s name reflects our core belief that everyone is unique and individual, we don’t stereotype or put people in to boxes, so our version of financial planning is bespoke across each area of your finances. You don’t have to be “rich” or “elderly” to benefit from financial advice, so put any worries or objections aside. Whether you are looking for one-off personal or business advice, or need a complete overhaul of your finances, Unividual will increase your financial literacy, improve your stability and organise your money, your way.

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How can we make a difference in your world?

Throughout life you will come across key milestones that affect your finances. Put simply, our role is to help you improve your financial situation, safeguard you against your biggest financial fears and help you overcome financial challenges so you can achieve what you want from life. The challenge that hinders us from achieving this is people don’t understand the role financial advice plays.

In 2019 the Financial Conduct Authority reported only 8% of UK adults received financial advice. The industry needs to do more to help people understand what we actually do as financial advisers. We now give more knowledge away for free and everyone has access to Unividual’s free financial planning guides, finance blog articles and videos. Our clients are also passionate about our mission so they have shared their financial planning journey case studies so you can understand how affordable financial advice is and the role a financial adviser plays in improving wellbeing and financial security.

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The types of people and businesses we love working with

Traditionally, financial services has had a rigid group of advice firms working with thousands of clients grouped together, receiving standardised, “off the shelf” financial planning. This is not the Unividual way, we don’t live in a world that serves the traditional image of what a client looks like. Unividual serves a diverse range of people. In 2020 50% of our clients were women and 50% men, clients are from different backgrounds and cultures, many are from the LGBTQ community, some families have “2.4 children” and others are single professionals. Some clients are just starting out by buying their first home and others are ready to finalise their retirement plans.  Whether you need a one off piece of advice or want ongoing financial planning, all of us at Unividual will work hard to ensure you make sound financial decisions, alongside a financial adviser who cares and has the expertise to constantly shape your financial plan.

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Not just financial advice for people, but companies too and entrepreneurs

Whether you class yourself an entrepreneur or not, if you run a business, this gives you an additional family to look after other than your own.  With the lack of financial education in schools Unividual believe that businesses can play a role in bolstering a person’s financial wellbeing. Whether you are looking for a financial wellbeing workshop, want to outsource the organisation of your benefits package or need to protect your business from risks then you can enrich yours and your employees lives through financial advice, the Unividual way. Here are some of the companies we are currently working with.

Stonewood Builders

“We have been working with Unividual since 2019 and when we met, our business was at a juncture, experiencing a good level of growth and exploring a broader approach to financial planning.”

SHAKEUP Cosmetics

“Our employees’ personal financial wellbeing and security is really important to us, so I decided to ask Unividual to hold a workshop for our entire team.  They have designed a workshop around our specific needs which will cover financial wellbeing and building financial literacy, but with a specific focus on pensions and how to prepare for later life and retirement.”

The Table Creative

“We have been engaged with Unividual since 2020, and haven’t looked back. We had had the fortune of seeing our start up bloom faster than anticipated and with its success the questions of how we wisely responded to the financial gains was heavy.”

Simple Recruitment

“I have found the finance arena to be stuffy and complex until I met Unividual, who are interesting, informative ‘human beings’ and just understand what we want to achieve, they show empathy and understanding and I never felt dictated to or confused. In fact we feel empowered to make ‘good’ financial decisions.”

Juniper Homes

“Unividual look after all of our finances…I wanted to find a financial adviser that would be able to understand the complexities of the property market but also not have biases towards investing in stocks and shares.”

Kingswood School

“Unividual are always generous contributors to our wider school community and on this occasion I needed their ability to prepare a workshop. It is such an important life skill for school leavers to be armed with a basic knowledge about payslips, pensions, mortgages, investment options and drawing on the expertise at Unividual builds the financial literacy within our young people and promotes financial wellbeing.”

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