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Hero banner for testimonial: Financial advice for LGBTQIA couples: inclusive & approachable financial planning for everyone

Financial advice for LGBTQIA couples: inclusive & approachable financial planning for everyone

Maria and Eloise, a couple in Bristol, decided to seek financial advise just before starting their own family. They were at a cross roads and wanted to find an approachable adviser who they enjoyed working with after plenty of research they decided on Unividual. Discover how Maria and Eloise found financial clarity and security with Unividual’s inclusive advice. From long-term investments to pension consolidation, learn about their journey to financial confidence, embracing diversity and personalised support every step of the way.

What sort of advice were you looking for?

I had sold a house and wanted to invest some of the proceeds to provide some long-term financial stability.  I was starting to earn more money and was just using standard savings accounts for my savings. I wanted to have better financial security in the long term but didn’t really know where to start.  I originally met with Unividual after reviewing the websites of similar businesses in Bristol and Bath. The Unividual website seemed to be more inclusive and diverse than the others, particularly in terms of LGBT representation. I then had an in person meeting with our adviser and felt that the values they promoted on their website were very much reflected in the way they operated and worked with people.

What stood out the most for you when working with an adviser?

Whilst, their marketing reflected the way they operated, I’ve found that to be the case throughout the last few years that I have been working with our adviser Simon Jones. I would recommend that, if people are thinking of getting financial advice, but not sure if it is suitable for them, or if they are worried about not knowing a lot about investments or whether they will feel supported and welcomed, then Unividual is a great firm to use. Simon advised us on long term investments and life insurance as well as consolidating multiple pensions I had accrued over the previous 10 or so years.

What benefits did you get from working with an adviser?

Simon took a very thorough approach and has provided a very high level of support throughout the time we have worked with him. It has very much been tailored to me and my partner, both in terms of the actual financial advice and planning but also how he has approached meetings, reviews etc. I definitely understand things better now, Simon took the time to explain things to me when I didn’t understand and has put an emphasis on what is right for us over the long term. I also for a long time had been planning to consolidate my pensions but didn’t know where to start and kept putting it off, Simon and his team helped us understand what we needed to provide and did all the hard work for us.

It’s been reassuring and I have also felt supported throughout. Overall very positive. It’s made us feel more in control of our finances in the longer term, before I was definitely ignoring it and assumed that someone that had my salary just wouldn’t be able to invest or that it wouldn’t be worthwhile.

Approver Quilter Financial Limited 15th April 2024

Maria and Eloise, Bristol

11th April 2024

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