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Most of us need financial advice and it is more cost effective than I thought

“We deal with Simon Jones at Unividual to look at all of our finances, from investments, pensions, protection and insurances. I wanted to find an adviser that would be able to understand the complexities of the property market but also not have biases towards investing in stocks and shares.”

How did the advice process work?

“Upon meeting Simon he was extremely thorough and worked patiently to fully understand everything as well as our future ambitions. He was adamant about reviewing our current position before recommending any changes. This helped us build up trust with Simon quickly. We did everything piece-by-piece and he was very impartial, only making recommendations where he felt we could improve.”

What benefits have you had from working with a financial adviser?

“As a result we have saved money on policies and improved our position in pensions and other investments. Simon has showed me things that I was never aware of and over time I would highly recommend Simon to anyone looking to use a financial adviser.

Most of us need financial advice we just don’t realise it and I have found it to be a lot more cost effective than I originally thought.

Most of all I enjoy working with a company that has a different take on financial advice and what it should look like, and I am pleased I have an adviser that can support me and my businesses for generations to come.”

Jon, Bristol

21st June 2023

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