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Hero banner for testimonial: Navigating personal and company finances is intimidating but we now sleep better at night

Navigating personal and company finances is intimidating but we now sleep better at night

“We engaged with Unividual in 2020, and haven’t looked back. We had had the fortune of seeing our start up bloom faster than anticipated and with its success the questions of how we wisely responded to the financial gains was heavy. We felt out of our depth with how to steward our personal and company finances, it was overwhelming and intimidating.”

What worried you about seeking financial advice?

In a world where financial advisers and accountants had left us feeling small, immature and inadequate, Unividual were encouraging, compassionate and diligent. The Unividual team never left us feeling intimidated and took the time to explain in layman’s terms all of our options. I have never felt unable to ask a question or left with anything other than a resolved understanding of our options.

How Unividual helped you and your business?

Unividual have relentlessly stuck to their brand values and really got to know us, our company and family as a unique profile of demands and risks. They have helped us articulate the needs and demands of both our personal finances and corporate business finances.

Unividual has methodically and strategically taken us through the areas of our financial planning that needed addressing. They understood our unique needs, and offered bespoke solutions to how best mange our finances both as company owners and as parents of a child with additional needs.

What is it like now working with a financial adviser?

Our financial adviser and his team have become more then financial planners but trusted advisers, advocates, encouragers and friends. Anytime, any question, they’ve been there to help and hold our hands through the ups and downs of growing a business and planning for a secure financial future for our children. Unividual truly are a cut above – going the extra mile for their clients. We are taking pride in seeing them succeed. We sleep better at night because of the work from the whole Unividual Team.

Abigail, Bath

10th May 2023

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