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Simon Jones, Bristol Chartered Financial Planner

Simon is a Chartered Financial Planner and Fellow of the Personal Finance Society qualified to advise on every aspect of someone's finances, including long-term care and equity release where he holds specialist qualifications.

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My Credentials

Qualifications: Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning, Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, Chartered Financial Planner, Equity Release, Long-Term Care

Awards: Fellow of the Personal Finance Society, Pension Transfer Gold Standard, Inspiring Women’s Futures Ambassador, one of the UK’s Top Rated Financial Advisers in The Times 2021

Location of Clients: South West

Office Address: Sterling House, Bath, BA1 3AN

Contact Details: 01225 427 474 | 07731 435 046

Links: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook| Testimonials

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A little bit about me

“During my career in the financial services industry, I have performed various roles within banking, insurance and regulated compliance. The former provided me with a strong foundation to develop organisation, customer service skills and understand what good client outcomes really are. It was my role in regulated compliance, however, where I developed in-depth and detailed knowledge and research skills. Additionally, I witnessed the benefits of financial planning and how it changes lives for the better and it was then I realised this was something I wanted to be a part of. At this crossroads in my life was when I started to hear about Unividual. I was working for Intrinsic, now Quilter, and was responsible for checking the suitability of their pension advice. Combined with its reputation in the industry, Unividual struck me as the best financial advice firm I had come across. I was pulled in also by their Chartered Financial Planner training school, Unicademy, which was like nothing I had seen in the industry. Having now been through this process, their ability to nurture the next generation of financial planners was down to a team of very successful directors with a combined 50 years’ experience in their fields.”

Types of clients I work with

“I am over the moon to have finally found my vocation. I no longer suffer that feeling of dread on a Sunday evening, I get to meet interesting & unique individuals and help them to plan their future and achieve all they hope for. I am helping people with property purchasing, retirement planning and protecting family or business. This gives people peace of mind to focus energy on enjoying their family or growing their business. Whether you need advice about a mortgage, your pensions or you just want a complete overhaul on your finances, I can devise a bespoke financial plan for every area of your finances. I have even passed additional qualifications so that I can provide advice on very complex and highly regulated areas such as defined benefit pensions, equity release and long term care. So, no matter whether you are someone just starting out or someone with extremely complex wealth structures, myself and Unividual are in a position to help you realise your objectives and build a plan unique to you and where you want to go, whether that is business, personal or both.”

Building family financial legacy together

In every aspect of his work, Simon embodies the essence of a family-oriented approach, making him a perfect fit within the Unividual family. Residing in Bristol with his wife Rachel and their children, Jasper and Nancy, Simon brings his personal understanding and values of family life into his professional world. This profound personal connection to family values deeply enhances his ability to empathise with and support his clients, particularly business owners who face the unique challenge of balancing the demands of their business with the needs of their family.

His approach goes beyond mere financial planning, it’s about creating a legacy of security and opportunity for all families, recognising the diversity and uniqueness of each family’s journey. Simon’s commitment to his clients is driven by the same values that guide his life: a dedication to nurturing the present while thoughtfully preparing for the future, ensuring a smoother path for both his family and those of his clients. Unividual’s family-centric culture has empowered him with the resources and environment to excel in this mission, making him an invaluable asset to families seeking guidance to navigate the complexities of financial planning and business ownership.

If you are you striving to find the right balance between enjoying today and securing tomorrow for your family, Simon understands that journey intimately. With a heart rooted in family values and a deep commitment to helping families and business owners thrive, he’s here to guide you every step of the way.

"We once dreamt of a house by the sea", Simon made it happen!

Claire is one of our clients in Bristol, and both her and her partner had a very specific dream, which they never though they could achieve. “Our financial adviser is Bristol based Simon Jones, he is friendly and very thorough. He investigated all of our pensions, ISAs and other assets, and advised how we can best utilise them all. He assessed our attitudes to risk and proposed a plan to fit our risk profile. He then put the plan into action and made all the transfers on our behalf. With Simon’s expert financial advice, we have been able to realise our dream of owning a motorhome, and buying an amazing house with 180 degree views across the sea. This has long been a dream, and we weren’t sure that it was possible. As part of the process, Simon arranged our residential mortgage and a let-to-buy on a rental property we own, so that we are paying the best rates possible. He has enabled us to live the dream!”


At the heart of Simon's advice is ensuring women have accessible financial advice

In a world where financial equality and security remain pressing issues, Simon Jones stands at the forefront of meaningful change as a proud ambassador for the Insuring Women’s Futures campaign. This initiative, vital in today’s financial landscape, focuses on bridging the pensions gap for women, a disparity that not only affects individual lives but also the broader economy and societal well-being. Simon’s commitment to this cause reflects a deep understanding of the challenges women face in achieving financial independence and resilience.

Why is this important? Because financial security is the cornerstone of empowerment. By addressing the pensions deficit gap, supporting financial mindfulness, and advocating for women’s financial inclusion, Simon contributes to a foundation where women can build a secure, independent future. Simon talks very seriously about this subject: “My work goes beyond just improving pension outcomes, it’s about redefining the financial ecosystem to be more inclusive, equitable, and supportive of women’s unique life journeys.Flexible working standards for carers and parents, alongside heightened awareness and education on financial risks, are crucial steps towards this goal. Financial advisers have a big part to play in this and together we can play our small part in making sustainable change for the next generation.  When women thrive financially, communities become stronger, economies grow more robust, and future generations stand on firmer ground.”

Simon Jones’s role in this transformative campaign is not just a testament to his professional ethos but a beacon of progress towards a more inclusive and financially resilient society.

Embark on a path to financial clarity and start crafting a financial plan as unique as your family. Get in touch with Simon.

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