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Why protecting family income has become so prevalent

Covid-19 has changed the world as we knew it. We are entering a ‘new normal’ as many aspects of life adapt, so that we can all live with this invisible threat. How does that effect how we manage our own finances though? Unividual's Henry Vanderhoest explores a rising trend in people looking to protect family income and inheritance.

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Five reasons why now is a good time to save and organise your finances

While we are all locked up indoors now is actually a good time to organise and look at our finances

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Unividual’s academy still hiring during Coronavirus crisis

Unividual is launching its financial adviser and paraplanner training programme for 2020 and taking on new recruits for the fifth year in a row, despite the challenges of Covid-19.

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A Guide To The Coronavirus Recession

The UK is now officially in a recession, in our Guide To The Coronavirus Recession we cover what a recession is, how it impacts on the wider economy and how to recession proof your finances.

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Planning savings for children

Planning savings for children or grandchildren can make a big financial impact on young people when they finally embark on adult life. Financial Adviser and father Simon Jones talks through the impact it can have, it is never too early or late to start investing in their future.

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Fee free mortgage advice to help people during Coronavirus

An award-winning financial adviser has embarked on a mission to give people fee free mortgage advice during Coronavirus.

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DIY investing and saving: take control of your own money

When it comes to decorating and gardening projects, we like to have a go ourselves, especially in and around the bank holiday season! What about DIY investing though? There are some people out there who manage their own money instead of pay to use a financial planner. This might be to save money or some people like to "dabble" in investing because they enjoy it. At what point should we step back and consider getting expert help?

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Financial Adviser teams up with charity to help parents give money lessons at home

Simon Jones has teamed up with the financial education charity, MyBnk, to help educate children and young people on how to manage their finances.

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Coronavirus: 7 tips for investing in volatile times

Coronavirus is out of everyone's control. Whether you are looking after your family, business or both there is enough to worry about let alone your finances as well. Brush up on our top tips for investing during volatile times to help reassure you so you can keep calm, even if everyone around you isn't.

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Unividual Financial Planners are “Top 35” in the country

One of the top selling magazines in financial services, New Model Adviser, has awarded two of Unividual's financial advisers a place on their Top 35 under 35 list.   

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