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Simon Hicks, FPFS Chartered Financial Planner

Simon is a Chartered Financial Planner and Fellow of the Personal Finance Society. He lives in Bristol but has clients across the entire region of the south west, in London and up in the West and East Midlands.
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My Credentials

Qualifications: Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning, Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, Chartered Financial Planner

Awards: Fellow of the Personal Finance Society, one of the UK’s Top Rated Financial Advisers in The Times 2019, 2020 & 2021

Location of Clients: South West, London, West & East Midlands

Office Address: Sterling House, Bath, BA1 3AN

Contact Details: 01225 427 474 | 07807 569 233

Links: Twitter | LinkedIn | Testimonials

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A Little Bit About Me

“After graduating with a 2.1 BA Hons Accountancy degree I started my finance career at Hargreaves Lansdown, gaining experience in pensions and investments for six years. I then moved to Friends Life where I developed additional knowledge in tax, trusts and protection whilst studying for a Diploma in Financial Planning. The more I learnt the more I wanted to utilise my knowledge to help others. I wanted a career that enabled me to interact with people daily, was technically challenging and more rewarding, so I decided to become a financial adviser. Finding the right business was the most important thing for me and in 2016 I chose to become part of this family-run, innovative financial planning firm, Unividual. I was enrolled on a two-year intense training programme as part of Unicademy, Unividual’s in-house Chartered Financial Planner academy. I wanted to be the best financial adviser I could and Unividual offer industry leading on-the-job training delivered by knowledgeable and experienced Chartered Financial Planners. Further to this it was apparent from the offset that Unividual is genuinely focused on client outcomes, service and looking after their staff, things of paramount importance to me.”

“Now with over 12 years’ experience in the financial services industry I am a Chartered Financial Planner and Fellow of the Personal Finance Society. I am doing what I love every day, sharing my passion and knowledge of financial planning and advice. No day is the same and all clients are unique individuals with a different story to tell and a different path they want to follow. One of the highlights of my career to date has been when I was ranked in the Times as one of VouchedFor’s 2019 UK Top Rated Financial Advisers. Since then I have held this award every year to date.”

Join Simon's circle of success

Simon isn’t just any financial adviser, he’s the one you’ll find at the heart of a community, where his role transcends the boundaries of traditional advising. As a dedicated father and a trusted friend to many, Simon brings a uniquely personal touch to his work, making financial planning feel less like a service and more like a partnership between friends. His passion for helping people isn’t just about numbers, it’s about seeing his mates and their families thrive, achieving dreams they never thought possible.
What truly sets Simon apart is his meticulous attention to detail and a profound sense of duty towards those he advises. He operates with a deep conscientiousness, guided by the principle that every stone should be turned in the pursuit of his clients’ financial security and success. This diligence, combined with his relaxed demeanour, creates a planning experience that is as thorough as it is stress-free. For Simon, financial advising is more than just a profession, it’s a way to make a real difference in people’s lives, helping friends and families navigate the complexities of finance with ease and confidence. His success is not measured by numbers alone but by the dreams realised and the lives positively changed through his work.

Working with a wide spectrum of people

Simon’s clientele is as diverse as his interests, spanning the vibrant realms of the music industry to the innovative corridors of tech entrepreneurship. This variety isn’t just a testament to his versatile expertise but also to his personable approach that resonates with a broad spectrum of individuals. Simon’s ability to tailor his advice to the unique needs of each client, coupled with a laid-back yet highly organised methodology, ensures a smooth and effective planning process for everyone involved. Talking about this he says: “I have a range of different people who approach me for advice, some might just want a mortgage to start with and others are ready for me to give their finances “a complete overhaul”. Whether you are saving for a house, want to start retirement planning, are keen to protect your family or business, or want to invest, I can create innovative, bespoke financial plans in all the areas of financial planning.”

You are welcome to read a recent testimonial from one of his clients or head over to his VouchedFor page to read even more.

A methodical approach with a heart

Simon’s commitment to fostering personal relationships in his advisory role mirrors Unividual’s core belief in the power of understanding and trust as the foundation of financial guidance. The way he services clients aligns perfectly with Unividual’s ethos of personalisation and care in every interaction. Simon’s dedication goes beyond the typical adviser-client dynamic, reflecting Unividual’s commitment to building long-term, meaningful connections.

Simon’s laid-back yet highly organised method of financial planning showcases his ability to demystify the financial planning process, making it accessible and engaging. This approach reflects transparency and simplicity, ensuring that clients are fully informed and comfortable with every decision made. Simon’s success through client referrals speaks volumes about the trust and satisfaction his clients feel, a testament to the effectiveness of his approach.  In essence, Simon embodies Unividual’s values through his personal touch, diversity of service, meticulous planning, and a client-centric approach and we are very proud to have Simon as part of our financial adviser team.

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