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I know now it is never too late to get help from financial advisers

My contact with Bristol financial planner Simon Jones was the first time that I had ever had any contact with a financial adviser.

To say that I was nervous was an understatement. However, Simon spoke to me using a language that I was able to understand, made me feel at ease very quickly, and responded clearly to all of my questions (even the daft ones!).

What did you get financial advice on?

I have now been working with Simon for a while, and he has moved my pension, sorted out my will and is going to review my existing mortgage next to see if he can save me any money. I really wish that I had done this years ago, but it’s never too late to try to manage your money better.

What have been the benefits of financial advice?

I am already seeing the benefits of working with a financial planner with Simon’s knowledge & skills, and I’m certain that he would be able to work well with many others.

It would be difficult to improve the level of service that Simon gave during this pandemic. When planning for our retirement, Simon Jones created projections for us and looked at how we were managing our pension funds. Simon has exceeded my expectations and I am looking forward to continuing working with him in the future. I cannot recommend him highly enough. A big thanks to you Simon.

Lisa, Bristol

24th October 2022

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