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Multigenerational financial advice: Simon changed the lives of three generations of family

My husband and I had a recommendation to see Simon Hicks, and I must admit to being rather sceptical to begin with. At the age of 60 we have managed our finances very well and built up some savings in various products, as well as having some buy-to-let properties. I wasn’t sure about relinquishing any control of the “purse strings”.

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What did you get financial advice on?

From the start, Simon listened carefully to our values and aspirations and suggested a number of changes to our portfolio. We were advised to take out protection in the form of life insurance along with any changes to my pension and our ISAs. We also confided in Simon that we have always dreamt of being able to find a property suitable for multigenerational living, where we could live comfortably with our children and grandchildren.

So many things have happened in the last two years that have made us sing the praises of Simon Hicks. Firstly, the COVID pandemic was so frightening that I took much comfort from that life insurance.

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Although our investments dropped in value as the market dipped, Simon had spread our funds differently because I had a lower tolerance of risk than my husband. This meant I could see clearly how my own savings were protected from a sharp fall and quickly recovered. My husband’s made a wider fluctuation, but one that suited him well.

How did the process make you feel?

Simon encouraged us to look for that dream home and recently secured us a mortgage on it. At the moment the sales are going through (so anything can happen) but regardless of the outcome, I am moved to write about how Simon has taken one of our ideals and has shown us how it can become a reality. He did this thoughtfully, patiently, with great respect and with astonishing attention to detail. Whatever hurdles he encountered he had a plan A, B and C. He is super-responsive whenever we contact him, and he is incredibly intelligent. He is so knowledgeable about financial planning that he inspires confidence. Everything is explained well and we are never rushed into a decision.

I cannot thank Unividual enough for employing this young man. He has just changed the lives of three generations of our family, and we would never have achieved this without him

Christine, Hampshire

19th September 2020

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