Get your finances under control during coronavirus

Coronavirus resources to help you keep on top of your finances and manage your money during the COVID19 outbreak.

Government help for businesses

What financial support is out there for businesses during coronavirus? Read up on grants, loans and the financial support available to businesses as a result of COVID19

Grants & Loans

Investing during volatile times

Coronavirus is out of everyone’s control. Whether you are looking after your family, business or both there is enough to worry about let alone your finances as well. Brush up on our top tips for investing during volatile times to help reassure you so you can keep calm, even if everyone around you isn’t.

Top Tips For Investors

Free mortgage advice during Coronavirus

Are you buying house or still need to remortgage? Coronavirus has led to people having to cut back and in a bid to support that Unividual Chartered Financial Planner, Greg Harris, is offering free mortgage advice to his existing clients and any new clients to Unividual.

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Ban on dividend payouts for large firms using Coronavirus Loan

Government extends maximum loan size available through the Coronavirus Large Business Interruption Loan Scheme from £50 million to £200 million and imposes key borrowing restrictions, such as pay rises, dividend payouts and bonuses.

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Self-employed support

On Thursday 26th March the Chancellor talked us through the next step in the economic fight against coronavirus with new support for the self-employed. Find out what financial support, grants and loans are available if you can’t work because of coronavirus.

Self-employed support

Lockdown finance checklist

Check out our lockdown finance checklist. Covering budgeting tips, through to support from banks and lenders you check you have thought about everything when it comes to managing your money during coronavirus. Then you can use our Push Comes To Shove Calculator to produce a revised lockdown budget.

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Push comes to shove calculator

Use this spreadsheet to plot revised lockdown figures for income and deduct essential and discretionary costs. Find out what potential savings you could make, which could be used to build a rainy-day pot. If push comes to shove you lose some or all your income you have extra money to rely on.

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