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I didn’t feel Andy wanted what was best for him but what was best for us

Meet Xiantai, a talented chef from Glasgow. After purchasing a new home, Xiantai recognised the need to reassess their financial situation. Despite an initial focus on investments, Xiantai soon realised the broader scope of financial planning was crucial. This prompted them to seek advice from Unividual, where they were introduced to Andy Lei, a financial adviser in Edinburgh, known for his dedication to client welfare.

What were Xiantai’s challenges?

“I had just bought a property and wanted to look at my finances so I got in touch with Andy Lei. I was able to tell that Andy was willing to go above and beyond and look at all areas. We started off thinking about investments, but Andy talked to us about the importance of budgeting, risk management, and having an emergency fund. Throughout the whole process, I didn’t feel that Andy wanted what was best for him but what was best for us.

To conclude Xiantai’s key challenges were:

1. Rebuilding the emergency fund: Post-home purchase, Xiantai’s emergency fund was depleted, leaving them vulnerable to unexpected financial burdens.

2. Lack of adequate insurance: The client had underestimated the importance of having robust insurance coverage for themselves and their family.

3. Narrow focus on investments: Initially concentrating only on investments, Xiantai needed a more comprehensive approach to financial stability.

What was Unividual’s advice?

Andy Lei’s strategy was multifaceted:

1. Holistic financial review: Andy conducted a thorough review of Xiantai’s financial situation, identifying key areas that needed attention beyond just investments.

2. Educational guidance: Andy provided clear, actionable advice on the importance of budgeting, risk management, and emergency funds.

3. Tailored insurance solutions: Xiantai’s adviser explained the critical role of insurance in protecting the family’s future, helping him to understand the various options and choose suitable coverage.

Xiantai said: “Andy made me aware that I need to build up my emergency fund pot again after purchasing my home. I always thought that I did not need any protection in place, but he painted a much clearer picture of the importance of having insurance in place for my family should the worst happen.”

What were the client outcomes for Xiantai?

“My experience with Andy and Unividual was great as he was there supporting me throughout the whole process. I felt comfortable knowing that I could call him anytime.”

1. Secured Financial Future: Xiantai successfully rebuilt an emergency fund, providing a safety net for unexpected expenses.

2. Comprehensive Protection: With new insurance policies in place, the family felt more secure about their future.

3. Client Empowerment: Armed with a better understanding of financial planning, they felt more in control and confident in financial decision-making.

Andy Lei, is a financial adviser in our Edinburgh office but has clients in London as well. He supports clients in understanding and securing their financial futures. Andy’s commitment to going beyond standard investment advice to provide comprehensive, personalised financial guidance ensures that every client feels valued and understood.

If you are ready to take control of your financial future contact Unividual today to discover how our tailored financial advice can help you achieve your financial goals.

Xiantai, Glasgow

3rd April 2024

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