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From neglect to transformation: Investing inheritance to grow wealth

After receiving some inheritance, Rachel was looking for some inheritance planning guidance on effectively managing and growing her wealth. Initially relying on her existing financial adviser, she became concerned about the impersonal service and excessive fees. Planning for the death of a loved one isn’t easy and unsatisfied with a “one-size fits all” approach, she decided to seek a financial adviser who could offer a more tailored and transparent strategy.

Rachel explains: “I received some inheritance last year and when I approached my existing financial adviser, she was reluctant to spend time with me face-to-face and after some concerns I had over the charges I started researching this well-known wealth management firm. I noticed the firm was gaining negative press attention and unsatisfactory client reviews. This led me to explore working with a different financial adviser.”

The Unividual Way: Personal coaching and an ear for what a client needs

Rachel was introduced to Simon Jones, a Bristol-based financial adviser with Unividual, through a friend’s recommendation. Recognising the stark contrast between her previous experience and Simon’s approach, she entrusted him to review both her and her husband’s financial plans.

Rachel immediately noticed the Unividual difference. The firm’s commitment to personalised financial advice was evident as Simon took the time to understand the couple’s values, goals, and vision for their financial future. He listened attentively to their concerns and aspirations, offering thoughtful guidance tailored specifically to their situation. Simon’s coaching and planning improved Rachel’s relationship with her finances, helping her understand the importance of strategic investments and effective management.

“The difference in service and the ideas he had around my finances were so much better than my previous financial planner, so we asked Simon to review all mine and my husband’s finances. I quickly realised from reading Unividual’s website we were previously receiving a “one-size fits all” approach to financial advice, Simon and Unividual take the opposite approach, and I can confirm they do live up to their promise.”

What were the client outcomes for Rachel

Simon and Rachel collaborated to create a comprehensive financial plan that aligned with her long-term goals while addressing immediate needs. The bespoke strategy provided clarity, helping Rachel feel confident about her financial decisions and secure about the future. She noticed a significant improvement in her overall wellbeing, knowing that she and her husband were working towards their future with Simon’s expert guidance.

“In our time together Simon has spent time really listening to what is important to us, understanding what we would like our future to look like and coaching us, this has improved the relationship I have with my finances. I actually understand now what I am doing with my finances, and this has improved my overall wellbeing. I can now get on with enjoying life knowing that I am taking care of my future with the financial plan we put in place together. Unividual is so different to other financial advisers in the UK, they really are unique and individual.”

Unividual’s unique and personalised approach to financial advice, championed by Simon Jones, helped Rachel move past her negative experience with her previous adviser. She now feels empowered, secure, and ready to face the future with a financial plan tailored to her family’s specific needs. Simon’s commitment to listening and providing bespoke advice exemplifies Unividual’s core values, setting them apart from other financial advisers and financial planners in the Bristol area and throughout the UK.

Approver Quilter Financial Limited: One off approval 14th May 2024

Rachael, Bristol

7th May 2024

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