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    Financial decisions come with a lot of responsibility. In the same way you might seek medical or legal advice, working alongside a financial adviser means that you can be safe in the knowledge you have made the right choices in life. You might think you are too young or old to have a financial adviser, or perhaps you don’t earn enough. That is what Unividual is all about, we don’t stereotype people, financial advice is available to everyone who needs it and we’ve spent 20 years developing our business so it is accessible to a huge range of people.

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    How does advice work?

    There are six stages each client goes through when they engage with one of Unividual’s Chartered Financial Planners. There are two important things to know, everyone is offered a free first meeting. Unlike other firms this is done face to face where we explain what we do, how much advice costs and listen to what you are hoping to achieve. The other important part of this process is the concept of your financial plan evolving. Every client is for life so we hold regular review meetings so we can adapt to changing circumstances or environments.

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