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Xiantai, Glasgow

15th April 2024: I had just bought a property and wanted to look at my finances so I got in touch with Andy Lei. I was able to tell that Andy was willing to go above and beyond and look at all areas. We started off thinking about investments, but Andy talked to us about the importance of budgeting, risk management and having an emergency fund. Throughout the whole process, I didn’t feel that Andy wanted what was best for him but what was best for us. Andy made me aware that I need to build up my emergency fund pot again after purchasing my home. I always thought that I did not need any protection in place but he painted a much clearer picture of the importance of having insurance in place for my family should the worse happen. My experience with Andy and Unividual was great as he was there supporting me throughout the whole process. I felt comfortable knowing that I could call him anytime

Xiantai, Glasgow

15th April 2024

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