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Hero banner for testimonial: Financial advice for women: building trust takes time, patience and care

Financial advice for women: building trust takes time, patience and care

After several years of managing her growing savings independently, Amy found herself at a financial crossroads. Past experiences with finance professionals had left her cautious, seeking a trustworthy adviser who could guide her in strategically leveraging her accumulated wealth.

“I had money saved up in my bank account and did not know what to do with it. I wanted to work with someone who could guide me on how to best utilise this money. I had experience with other finance professionals before and have had bad experiences so I didn’t approach anyone for many years until I realised I have saved up quite a bit and should do something about it.”

The Challenge: Overcoming past disappointments and widening gaps

Like many individuals, especially women, who have faced transparency issues in financial advice, Amy was initially hesitant to seek help. A recent report by HSBC UK “Investing in Women Code Annual Report 2023″ revealed that only one-third (31%) of women feel confident about investing compared to nearly half (44%) of men, highlighting a significant gender confidence gap in financial decision-making​.

Unividual’s Approach: Patience and understanding lead the way

Enter Andy Lei from Unividual, a financial adviser known for his approachable and calm approach to financial advice and a deep commitment to his clients’ long-term success. Andy understood that rebuilding trust was paramount. He began their partnership with several in-depth discussions to comprehend fully Amy’s past experiences, current financial status and her aspirations for the future. Amy reflects:

“From the outset, Andy was different. He took the time to listen to my concerns and was always transparent about the options available.”  Their initial meetings laid a strong foundation of trust and opened doors to more detailed financial planning.

Strategic financial planning: A tailored approach

Andy introduced Amy to a variety of investment strategies. More importantly, he explained why certain strategies were more suitable for her specific goals, such as ensuring a stable income for retirement and efficient tax planning. His comprehensive approach also covered areas Amy hadn’t considered, such as inheritance tax implications and strategies for tax-efficient withdrawals. This bespoke planning is critical because studies, like the one from HSBC UK, show that women face significant barriers due to a lack of confidence and access to financial resources. By providing tailored advice and understanding, Andy helps bridge this gap, empowering clients like Amy to take control of their financial futures.

Andy helped me understand the importance of looking at everything and not just my savings. We went through a number of areas that I didn’t think of, such as inheritance tax and how to take income tax efficiently in the future. I am much more comfortable now knowing that I have someone that I can talk to if anything else comes up in the future. He made me aware of how different investment strategies work but more importantly why one better meets my goal over another.”

Empowering results: Confidence and control over one’s financial future

As a result of her collaboration with Andy, Amy not only saw an improvement in her financial growth but also in her understanding and confidence in financial management. “I am much more comfortable now, knowing that I have someone I can talk to if anything else comes up,” Amy states. When unexpected changes occurred, such as the sale of her rental property, Amy was able to consult with Andy to make informed decisions quickly. This adaptability and ongoing support reflect Unividual’s commitment to client empowerment and satisfaction.  Amy’s experience with Unividual exemplifies the transformative impact of respectful, client-centred financial advice. For those looking for a financial adviser who truly listens and delivers tailored solutions, Unividual represents a beacon of trust and expertise.

“Andy was very patient and friendly and supported me throughout the whole journey. I feel very comfortable knowing that I can get in touch with him any time I have a question. Andy is very approachable so the whole process was enjoyable. Nothing I would change.”

If you’re seeking to understand and maximise your financial potential with a financial partner who cares, like our financial adviser based in Scotland Andy Lei, contact Unividual today to start your journey towards financial empowerment.

Amy, Glasgow

15th April 2024

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