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Charles, Bristol

8 February 2023: I have not used a financial adviser for a long time and have to say my previous experience has been less than favourable. My wife contacted Simon, a financial adviser in Bristol, to discuss, amongst other things, a final salary pension. I was happy for the two of them to get on with it, but Simon suggested that as we viewed our finances jointly, I should be part of the conversation. I had some cash saved in an ISA that I had held for a number of years. In light of inflation rising to levels unseen for decades, I asked Simon if he had any suggestions what I could do with my cash to reduce the impact of inflation. After spending time understanding my view on risk he asked if I had any specific ethical or social views that might impact on investments. My wife and I are massive animal lovers and were I to make any investment it was important to me that animal welfare was high on the agenda. Simon was able to recommend a socially responsible fund that targets a return in excess of inflation over the long term whilst satisfying this requirement. I feel confident that Simon has mine and my wife’s best interests at heart and our finances are in capable hands moving forwards. Unividual are the type of business that put others first, their clients, staff and the local community. I like working with a financial adviser that shows an interest in what is important to me in life.

Charles, Bristol

8th February 2023

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