What is pension planning?

At Unividual we don’t plan for pensions, we plan for retirement. Retirement isn't necessarily working your entire life, putting all your money in to a pension, getting to a set age and then shutting up shop. Instead it is about having the financial freedom to do what you want with your life. We will help you understand what this looks like, when it might be and how to work towards this vision.

How do I plan for retirement?

After the introduction of workplace pensions, you are now likely to contribute to different pension schemes throughout your working life.  Additionally, you might also contribute to your own investments and pensions.  All of these schemes will be different, with varying rules, charges and investment opportunities.  The myriad of options available to you makes planning for retirement more complicated year-on-year. Often this complication leads to the public wondering whether retirement planning is really worth it? Our focus is always to make the complicated simple so that you can see how worthwhile saving for retirement can be.  Once we understand your objectives, we will obtain all of the information on your current plans and show you in plain terms how you are able to get from where you are now to where you want to be.  You’ve heard of tax doesn’t have to be taxing, likewise, pension planning doesn’t have to be pointless.

Keeping it so simple

When we are advising people on pensions it can be complicated and difficult getting the information we require to advise you effectively.  Therefore, we will complete letters of authority for you to sign that will give us the permission we need to obtain the information required from your providers so that you don’t have to.  All we will need for these letters is the product provider, policy name and policy number.  Sometimes, it can be difficult for you to find this information, particularly if the plan was put in place a long time ago. If you can’t find the details of an old pension you can track it down, free of charge, using the government’s Pension Tracing service. To find out more about pre-retirement planning, contact us today.

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