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Appointment of development director for next growth phase

Unividual, has announced the appointment of its first Development Director, to drive the learning and development of its people.

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“An emphasis on learning and development is what drives the culture of our business"

Greg Harris, who has been involved with the firm for over seven years, five of those years as a financial adviser, took on the new role in January.

Making the announcement to staff this week, the firm’s Co-Founder and fellow Director John Baxter said the decision to appoint Greg was unanimous among board members. He continues “An emphasis on learning and development is what drives the culture of our business. During the pandemic we never veered away from our purpose of growing and nurturing staff, but this put huge pressure on my co-directors, Cherie-Anne and Lewis, who have an enormous remit of responsibility within their roles. With such a growing business we felt it was time to appoint someone to focus on learning and development and the operational function of Unicademy, our in-house financial planning training program.”

Last year Cherie-Anne Baxter, Strategy & Marketing Director, and Lewis Baxter, Financial Planning Director, became equal shareholders with Founding Director and Father John Baxter. The family always wanted the firm to be a Unividual-family business, not necessarily a baxter-family business. Cherie-Anne explains: “When I first joined Unividual in 2015, Greg was one of the first members of staff Lewis and I hired. Looking back then, when there were just six of us, it was always our goal to develop other people in our company into leaders. Greg has become integral to Unividual in the journey of growth we have taken so far. His passion for training people and helping them learn and prosper has always been his core motivation. It is one of the reasons he has become such a successful financial adviser. Appointing Greg as a Director is one of our proudest days in Unividual’s history and we are so excited to watch Greg put his stamp on one of the most important departments in our business.”


"He became one of the youngest Chartered Financial Planners in the country"

Greg started working for Unividual in 2015, straight out of University with a Law degree. He became one of the youngest Chartered Financial Planners in the country and in that same year a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society. In 2019 Greg received the Pension Transfer Gold Standard Award and was nominated for the Rising Star Award at the Bath Property Awards. During the pandemic Greg was famed for his support in the local community and even offered fee-free mortgage advice to reduce the cost of moving for people.


"This doesn’t change anything about my role as a financial adviser"

Unividual is a Chartered Financial Planning firm that occupies Sterling House on the Upper Bristol Road opposite Victoria Park. Founded in 2000 it now employs staff up and down the country from Bath across to London and up to Edinburgh. Unividual has a strong mix of clients, private and corporate, and as a business they are known as being heavily involved in the local community. This year Unividual were nominated in the Civic category for a Bath Life Award and picked up an award for the best Finance business in Bath.

Speaking about his appointment, Greg said: “It is an honour to be awarded with this huge responsibility to help Cherie-Anne and Lewis take Unividual to the next level. Clients keep asking me whether I am too expensive for them now! This doesn’t change anything about my role as a financial adviser and I look forward to continuing working with all my clients.

“Lewis and Cherie-Anne launched Unicademy, at the time it was one of the first Chartered Financial Planner training schools in the UK, in 2016. For the last few years I have become the custodian of Unicademy and started off restructuring the program from staff feedback. I also worked alongside Cherie-Anne to introduce a well-being and mental health aspect. Unividual are now entering in to the next phase of its strategy and I will be working alongside my co-directors to grow our London adviser numbers, launch Unividual in Edinburgh, we have 4 trainee financial advisers who will go live this year that need mentoring and support and we will be recruiting and training up more paraplanning and financial administration staff for our financial advisers in Bath. Learning and development is at the core of everything we do at Unividual, and I am excited to see where the business can progress to as we continue to grow and invest in our local community”


Unividual on Thursday 3rd March 2022 picking up a Bath Life Award in the Finance category.

L to R: Greg Harris, Cherie-Anne Baxter, Simon Jones

Author & Editor: Cherie-Anne Baxter

Article Date: 08/03/2022

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