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Financial Planner Matt Finch, APFS

Matt is a chartered financial planner and an Associate of the Personal Finance Society. He lives in London and works with people and businesses throughout Tottenham, Paddington, Westminster and the rest of the city and home counties.
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My credentials

Role: Chartered Financial Planner

Qualifications: Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning, Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, Level 5 Diploma in Trading and Financial Analysis, Investments and Securities, Certificate in Mortgage Advice.

Awards: Chartered Financial Planner, Award in Regulated Pension Transfer Advice, Associate of the Personal Finance Society

Location of Clients: London & Home Counties

Office Address: 19 Eastbourne Terrace, London, W2 6LG

Contact Details: 020 362 0454 | 07367 449 617

Links: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

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A little bit about me

“I always wanted  a career where I could make a difference to people’s lives and form meaningful relationships. Initially I set out to have a career in the armed forces, I was a reservist during my time at university. Things going on in the world that affected the economy sparked my interest in finance and so I pursued a degree in Economics. After graduating, I moved to London and began my three years of training to be a financial adviser with Unividual. Progressing through Unividual’s financial planning school, Unicademy, and helping to grow the firm’s London office operations helped me realise that all the technical knowledge in the world means nothing unless it can be communicated effectively. One of the most unique things about me is I take the time to really educate people on how finance works so they understand how to make their own decisions about their finances, rather than feel instructed or told what to do.”

Focusing on financial health and wellbeing

“In the midst of day-to-day life, the process of ensuring our finances are in order can often be difficult, boring, stressful, or a concoction of all three.  On top of that financial services has an industry reputation that is centred around sales and pushing products on to people. Unividual is the opposite of this and puts people at the heart of everything it does. This is why I chose to work for this progressive family-run business. Over the years I have learnt how much of an opportunity there is to make a positive difference to the lives of others. Financial advice gives clients peace of mind and confidence to make the right decisions about important milestones in their life.  I focus on offering lifetime financial planning in all areas of business and personal finance. I use coaching techniques, education and a focus on wellbeing to take the stress out of money related decisions.

Uncertainty in the financial world, brought about by events like Brexit and Coronavirus has shown that it’s never been more important to address the state of our financial wellbeing. There is a positive correlation between financial and mental wellbeing, so happy finances means a happier life. Whilst striving towards hitting our goals, a robust personal financial setup can also lead to greater general wellbeing. In life, particularly in turbulent times, the need for people to feel empowered about the financial decisions they make has never been greater. I see this as my main focus and role in helping others.”


Who I work with

“I specialise in holistic financial planning, this is a very overused term in our industry that consumers don’t always understand, so I prefer to say that I specialise in financial advice across every area of someone’s finances. I am qualified to advise on people’s pensions, investments, mortgages and protection but these are just products. What is more exciting is where these products can take you and the difference they can make to savings, budgeting, how you protect your wealth and how you can save in the  most tax efficient way. This all means that I can perform a full MOT on someone’s finances and put a plan in place that takes into account every nook and cranny of an individual’s circumstances and ensures you’re in the best place to achieve your goals.

I don’t have an ideal client. I don’t look for “a minimum amount of investable assets”, to me everyone is a unique individual and everyone should receive financial advice.   I am looking to work with young and experienced professionals, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, start-ups, couples, families and small or large businesses. It doesn’t matter what stage you or your business is at in life or what you earn. Whether you are looking to get on the property ladder or you are at retirement age I can help you. You don’t have to be rich to need a financial adviser and you are never too young or old. What most of our clients do have in common is not having the time or expertise to manage their own finances efficiently, normally because of work or family commitments.

There are a host of benefits of having a financial adviser. However, clients often say you don’t truly realise the full extent of having an adviser until you experience it for yourself. We become your money coach, friend, confidant, mentor, business coach and an integral part of the family.  If you want to really understand what financial advice is, how much I charge for financial advice and how Unividual is so different, I offer a free no obligation initial meeting at a time and location most convenient for you. Together we can grab a coffee so I can learn about who you are and discuss how a chartered financial planner might be able you optimise your prospects of achieving your financial goals. If you don’t know what those goals are yet there is no need to worry as I will help you to realise what your objectives could be.”

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