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Meet Financial Planner Alex Caswell, APFS

Alex is a Chartered Financial Planner based in our London Paddington office and works with people and businesses throughout the city and home counties.
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My credentials

Role: Chartered Financial Planner

Qualifications: Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning, Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, Certificate in Mortgage Advice.

Awards: Chartered Financial Planner, Associate of the Personal Finance Society,

Location of Clients: London & Home Counties

Office Address: 19 Eastbourne Terrace, London, W2 6LG

Contact Details: 020 362 0454 | 07921 837 086

Links: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

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A little bit about Alex Caswell, Unividual Chartered Financial Planner

“After graduating from the University of Nottingham in 2016 I knew I wanted a career where it felt like I could help make a real difference to people’s lives. After a few years of working as a business consultant in a well-established insurance and investment company called Vitality, I discovered what that could be and set on my path to become a financial adviser.

At first I began studying for the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning but quickly realised that I needed to find a business that would serve my clients well. I had come across Unividual a couple of times and their reputable financial adviser training school, Unicademy. After meeting the owners of the business I knew Unividual was going to become my home and just as importantly give me the skills to become a Chartered Financial Planner in a business that puts clients first.

Unividual provided me the support necessary to achieve my career aspiration within a total study time of just 3 and a half years, from the start of my first exam right through to the last. This would normally take individuals 5 years but is achievable because of the amount of money they apply to training and the support given on the job. At the same time I worked as a Financial Planning Assistant for one of the leading Chartered Financial Planners in the business. He enabled me to apply my technical exam knowledge to real life situations and taught me most of what I know now.  Becoming a Chartered Financial Planner and helping to grow the firm’s London office helped me realise that all the technical knowledge in the world means nothing unless it can be communicated effectively. One of the most unique things about me is I take the time to really get to know people so I can understand how to help them with some of the most important decisions they can make in a lifetime.”

Focusing on financial health and wellbeing

“I live near Camden Town where I enjoy the buzz of London-life. I’m an avid traveller, who is lucky enough to have visited 34 countries. I also love hiking, time in the outdoors, going to the gym and music is a big part of my life. All these hobbies are how I maintain my own wellbeing and one of the reasons I joined Unividual is their considered approach to financial advice. It is unique, like nothing I have ever seen in the industry. They really understand that the process of ensuring your finances are in order is difficult, boring and stressful. There is a positive correlation between financial and mental wellbeing and we are coached to put people at the heart of everything we do. We don’t tell people what to do with their money, instead we educate them. We don’t use fancy jargon to make our selves look good, instead we build your confidence and financial literacy. We don’t sell to you, instead we give you all the ideas and options so you can make the decisions right for you. This is a financial wellbeing focused strategy to financial advice and the result is that clients enjoy managing their finances, have purpose in their life and have someone there for them during the difficult times. This form of financial advice is what I believe in and I work hard to really take the stress out of money related decisions. Uncertainty in the financial world, brought about by events like Brexit, war and Coronavirus has shown that it’s never been more important to address the state of our financial wellbeing.  The need for people to feel empowered about the financial decisions they make has never been greater.”


Who I work with

“I’m delighted to now be able to look after my own clients and I will be helping clients from all walks of life, at all life-stages. We have professionals living in the city, as well as couples living in campervans or canal barges. Unividual loves working with different types of clients. You’re never “too young” for financial advice and there’s no “minimum wealth amount” you need if you think you are “not rich enough” to receive financial advice.

As well as providing personal financial advice across every area of someone’s finances, I can also provide business financial advice to owners of companies of all sizes whether it is corporate financial advice on company structure, withdrawing capital from business tax efficiently, planning on staff benefit packages and your business exit strategy. We can also tailor your business retirement planning to dovetail with your personal retirement planning needs.

Benefits of financial advice and planning

“There are a host of benefits of having a financial adviser. However, clients often say you don’t truly realise the full extent of having an adviser until you experience it for yourself. We become your money coach, friend, confidant, mentor, business coach and an integral part of the family.  If you want to really understand what financial advice is, how much I charge for financial advice and how Unividual is so different, I offer a free no obligation initial meeting at a time and location most convenient for you. Together we can grab a coffee so I can learn about who you are and discuss how a chartered financial planner might be able you optimise your prospects of achieving your financial goals. If you don’t know what those goals are yet there is no need to worry as I will help you to realise what your objectives could be.”




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