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Cherie-Anne Baxter, Chartered Marketer

Marketing Director

I first started working in financial services when I was 15, back in those days Unividual were going paperless and my role was to scan a wealth of documentation and information in to our computers. This took me the best part of three years and I continued to work at Unividual throughout my time at University.

After graduating I spent a number of years as a recruitment consultant. Whilst successful in the role, my entrepreneurial spirit was urging me to push my abilities and learning on. My MD at Aspire People noticed this and didn’t want to lose me. She offered to sponsor me through my professional marketing qualifications with a view to using this knowledge to aid in growing her business. This is exactly what I did, studying part-time after work it took me three years to gain my qualifications and I became one of the youngest chartered marketers in the UK.

I spent eight enjoyable years at Aspire People, implementing some ground-breaking marketing strategies that had never been seen by niche firms in the industry before. By completely repositioning and rebranding the business internally and externally, with tiny yet effective steps it transformed from a small business of eight people to one of the largest privately owned education recruitment agencies in the UK, just short of 65 employees, turning over multi-millions of pounds. 

My family had spent many years, slowly but surely encouraging me to join the family business. I wasn’t prepared to leave Aspire People until the time was right and I knew I had enough skills and knowledge to justify my position in the company. As they say, everything happens for a reason. Unividual now has a legacy and with many clients to continue to service and a growing number of employees to look after the business is ready to take it to the next level. Growth must be steady, secure and at a pace that is right for everyone, including the clients. I look forward to taking the time to really improve the service offering at Unividual and start to build on an incredibly successful foundation that my father started all those years ago.

Cherie-Anne Baxter, Chartered Marketer

Job Title
Marketing Director

2:1 BSc Hons Business & Entrepreneurship from Lancaster University, Post-graduate Diploma in Marketing and Professional Diploma in Marketing from Birmingham University. Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

hockey player, Arsenal supporter, music and festivals, sitting in the sun and reading, long walks and catching up on technological trends.

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