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Ryan Muller

Trainee Financial Planning Assistant

I grew up in Australia, my Father is Australian and my Mother British. After graduating in 2016 I wanted to put my Bachelor of Finance to good use in an industry I felt passionate about. During my studies I developed a strong understanding of the impact financial literacy and expertise can make and was astounded at the different levels of wealth between those who did and those who did not have access to advice. With this understanding I joined a group of other students in the creation of a financial education plan for Cambodian school children to better enable them to shape their futures and understand the financial products available to them. The program is still used today and has the potential to change countless futures.

I've worked in a variety of different roles including auditing, corporate insurance and delegate relations for private equity fundraising events however I always missed the thrill of being able to use my knowledge to assist others in achieving their objectives. After a long search, I came across Unividual and their Unicademy program, I was surprised at their level of commitment, knowledge and unique approach to financial advice. Their commitment to always do right by the client is why I joined the business, among many other reasons.

Having lived in Australia, France and the UK I'm always looking for different perspectives and ideas to improve the outcomes for our clients and look forward to making my own contribution to Unividual's holistic and life-long approach to financial advice.

Ryan Muller

Job Title
Trainee Financial Planning Assistant

BBus (Bkg&Fin)

September 2017

Travelling, dining & socialising, fine wines, politics & general affairs, hiking.

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"I have used Unividual's expertise to deal wth every significant financial decision I have made and it has always been sound, well thought through advice, tailored to my specific situation." - Mark Joll