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Unividual Origin

A Unique and Individual Origin

Unividual Limited was established in 2000 by entrepreneur John Baxter. The business was created to combat the issue that many financial firms apply a "one-size fits all" tactic when advising their clients. The implementation of this generic service is inadequate in providing the best advice to suit specific financial needs. 

Unividual’s name derives from its ethos that all clients are unique and individual. The advice they receive should reflect their distinct needs. This is Unividual’s core focus that oozes throughout the culture of the organisation.  Unividual was established to provide you with the highest levels of bespoke service that we felt was missing in the financial services industry.

A Unique and Individual Mission

"Unividual’s mission is to provide long-term financial planning to unique individuals and businesses, building partnerships of integrity with everyone we encounter. Clients can depend on our intelligent levels of advice that manage risks and make money work hard. At Unividual we strive for perfection, whilst taking the moral high road and putting client service first. If at times we don’t achieve 100% perfection we are constantly analysing why, so that every day we can listen, learn and grow in to a better organisation."


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